30 March 2007

it's friday kids!

and i couldn't be more thrilled.
my place is a DUMP and i'm cleanin.
sortin, purgin, cleanin.

dare day yall...
and i want to get my space cleaned up so i can make more fun stuff!!! i'm totally in the mood to make stuff and paint stuff and do stuff...weeee!

i'm kind of challenging people over at scrapologie to get organized...but only because if i put it out there then i hope it will be a good motivation for me to do it too. i've said i'm taking before and after pictures. eek!

gearing up (mentally, for now...creatively later this week) for the opening of the Lazar storefront opening in conjunction with the existing piece of heaven, Ruby Dog's Arthouse. Also, I got the Opus newspaper yesterday in the mail and so I think I need a canvas or 5. And some paint. And I'm also out of gesso. And now I want watercolour paper thanks to Claudine.

i hope everyone has a faaaabulous weekend and if you haven't already, PLEASE donate to ali's badge for autism awareness on your own and also my behalf (can't donate outside the US). she's doing an amazing job of raising money for a great cause and it would be sooo exciting if her badge won. she and all the wonderful people who have donated a minimum of $10 have managed to raise something like $35000 so far! the contest closes sunday. go team go!


27 March 2007


this screams spring. 8am:

and this screams ohmygodi'mgettingmyheadsquishedandmyglassesknockedoffmyfacebytwoblondies:

definitely the supermodel shot of the weekend. thank you, donna.

25 March 2007

at peace

And how good it feels.

Three whole days of makin stuff, hanging out, girl time, minor shopping, and a serious infusion of art and insight. Seriously wicked.

donna downey is cool as shit.
claudine hellmuth is the cutest poppet playing collage goddess ever.
ali edwards is just so....ali.

22 March 2007

I Want Out

Out of this rut.

Today I'm feeling a tiny bit of energy seep back into my bones. And I want out. Finally! I'm glad I decided to just ride out the rut though...I think sometimes we all really need that break. I have slept a lot and really tried to just take care of me.

I loved the variety of comments and email...from pure support and love to understanding and empathy...we do all go through it from time to time. Anyone who says they're not is either lying or on drugs. And sometimes it takes more than a few hours or a day to get over. And yes, that is OK and normal, but it does suck while it's happening, doesn't it??

Tomorrow, ARTistry begins and I'm super excited! Claudine and Ali and Donna all teaching full day classes...phew! Not sure I'll have the stamina to quite make it through 3 full days of classes, but I'll be there to try for sure. Sounds like it will be amazing fun. I've got to get my stuff together for the classes! Nothing like the last minute.

Trying to concentrate on positive things to pull me out and up...and this helped a lot:

I think it was Tuesday....there was sun and we got outside for a few minutes. Got a tiny glimpse of "spring" and it was beautiful. We are almost at the point of insisting on a haircut for J, only because it's becoming totally, completely, unmanageable. He hates having the huge mats brushed out (who wouldn't) and isn't quite at the age where he will/can brush it himself. So, as much as he wants to keep it (which I think is very cool...) we will be at least trimming a good bit of it off soon. Til then, I will be enjoying it to the fullest :) Oh, and he's lost his second tooth, which is so cool! My little boy is seriously growing up before my very eyes. Isn't he SO cute!??? I'm in love...sigh.

20 March 2007

i know, i suck.

i'm still sick.
my eyeball is still flaming.
and i have NOT shipped any paper yet.
i still have to get the stuff to ship it, and due to illness and whatnot, have not.
i know, i suck.
i'm in a bit of a life rut.
and i guess that's just the way it goes sometimes.
but i know it won't last forever.
and so, i say "i know, i suck" with the knowledge that someday soon i can say:
"i don't suck, and i know this" or something like that.

oh, and ps.
i'm currently really frustrated with photobucket.
what is up with bandwidth exceeded when i made a new account and have like 5 photos in there?
and being in a most crappalicious mood right now, i'm just SO not in the mood for that.

16 March 2007


The first antibiotic drops prescribed didn't work. The second ones (today) better. And that's all I have to say about that. Except maybe also that I would appreciate a volunteer to pluck my eyeball from my eyesocket, wash it in something very antibacterial, and replace it good as new into my skull. Can you handle that??? Exhausted. Period. THE END.

Dare stuff. I haven't posted much the last couple of weeks since they have been taken over by other universal plans for myself that I don't necessarily agree with but I guess that's what happens.

So, last week's dare...
Photo of the day.
And here's the journalling, which will describe the somewhat not-so-great photo (it's in the card in the pocket):

Today wasn't a good day for photos. It was dark and rainy and you have the flu. But then, of course I *had* to take a photograph of your newly missing tooth! You cooperated so well despite being so sick...well, you let me take like one photo.I have really loved spending so much time with you over the last couple of days. I'm not a stay-at-home mum. Me & daddy raise you and we both have jobs. I'm super lucky to have a job where it's OK that you are my #1 priority. Being able to be your mama and take care of you along with granny while you've been sick has been wonderful.

And that's the story behind the page 2607 below:

And this week's dare required some journalling as well. But it's on the back since it just didn't flow to add it on the front:

Obviously, you have been abandoned. A mossy, rotting roof...peeling paint and broken windows. Showbills and graffiti everywhere. Who has abandoned this beautiful building? It's been a long time, too. What is in store for you, beautiful building? I love the bright red, distressed, raw heritage exterior of the Opsal Steel building @ 2nd and Main.

And now, I must put a hot compress on my eye and watch the rest of Jesus Camp.

14 March 2007

recovering, then ???

Funny that I had to recover from my son having the flu, but hey, that's how a grown-up mama's life goes, I guess. So now I have an eye infection. Alrighty then. Besides the antibiotics, I've decided to just pay it no mind since it really doesn't deserve any attention and is only serving to interrupt my journey back to healthy, happy, well-slept person land.

I've been focusing a lot on making sure I spend quality time with Jaxon. We got to do that a lot while he was sick last week. Partly because I made the time, but also partly because he wanted to hang out with me. I was working on a project at one point because he was content watching a DVD in the living room. And then all of a sudden he was beside me, lining up his toys and playing on the kitchen floor. I grabbed my camera and although the light was awful, resulting in grainy photos, I love how a series of photos captures this simple everyday moment that meant the world to me.

I love him more than anything.

09 March 2007

out on sick leave

Not my sick leave, but my kids!

Just a little FYI...schedule is hectic this week. Juggling taking care of Jaxon, working, life, etc. So thankful my mama is around to help out. Anyway, that's where I am, that's where I've been, and that's why I'm absent!

Please send healthy healing thoughts for the Jax...I honestly don't think he's ever been this sick before.

Will update when things settle down.


05 March 2007

i'm sorry daddy...

That I threw up on the blanket. -Jaxon, 5:30am

Rough night's sleep=rough day=Gen not a happy girl.

Jaxon still has a fever. Poor kid.

It will be an interesting day tomorrow...Dren called in today, I'll go in early tomorrow and come home before Dren leaves, then hopefully my mum will take over so I can go back to work...ugh.

and thanks to sick kid I can't go the Canucks game tomorrow night w/ Christina :(

Would you like some cheese with your whine!!!???

04 March 2007

bad gen

I completely forgot about one of my sponsors for the csc4k (Canada's Scrapbooking Crop for Kids)

Fabulous Purple Onion. Sorry! I was playing with the project for one of my classes tonight and remembered that each person is getting a teeny little set of stamps. She originally designed a custom plate for Kristi to use in her classes, and she has generously agreed to provide each person taking my class one! Super cute, and really nice. Love me some PO.

It's far too late. G'night.

02 March 2007

I love you Adrian.

I can't even talk about how ridiculous it's been at work. I started the day with 14 dockets on my desk, and when I left after an hour and a half of overtime and not much of a break there were still 14. Not the same 14, mind you...I had made some progress, but wow. Oh...I wasn't going to talk about it. Hee! I'll stop. Now.

I feel like a robot sometimes on these Fridays. TGIF, work done for the weekend and it's dare day. Well, I'm not feeling so hot today, so I'm sorry, I'm going to be boring and do more of the same!

This week's dare was sponsored by Mandarin Pixie and the work we did is of course on the dare site and on Jennifer's MP Blog. I got the super awesome big alphabet called Amphion Outline. It's so much fun to work with. It looked so cool in a big flexible yummy red rubber sheet with an outline...I had the urge to stamp the whole thing onto a page. But then I realized I got the dare wrong (doh!) and had to re-do it. Oy. All I really want to do lately is scrap (have I mentioned that already?) so it really wasn't a problem. I just really wanted to colour the stamps in too. With shading. I spose I was in a shady mood.

This first one is my mistake page. Title: Dem Gals...Dren always says "dem gals" in a Jamaican accent and I love it. The "gals" is kinda hard to see but I swear it's there. And yes, the big stamping block is crooked, and I love it.

This one is the "real" dare page. Dare was The Question You're Afraid to Ask and I really really really love this one. It can be interpreted in any way, shape, or form. Everyone should remember that about the Dares. It doesn't have to be deep and powerful. Lots of them can be interpreted with humour or about someone else. Doesn't always have to be about you, you know. Hee! I'm pretty pleased with the way my page turned out. I painted on it, then applied the photo and bits and pieces. Stamped part of the title over and shaded those big juicy letters in with a pencil. Yep...just a regular pencil that I stole...ahem...borrowed, from Jax. In the turquoise pocket is a little note. It reads:
The other day I was looking at the insane mess I make with my scrapbooking habit. I have taken over our enire dining area and the table is covered at least 90% of the time. There is always crap on the floor; sometimes so much that we can't help but trip on it. But you don't mind...
Besides the occasional joke about the last time we had a meal at the table, you never give me a hard time. I absolutely love scrapbooking and it's a huge part of my life. In fact, it's my part-time job as well now, so your support mean the world to me. You are an amazing husband. But I am scared to find out if you'll always be as supportive of my creative side as you are today. xoxo g

PS. He read the note and he said "yes, of course I will".

Love him.

01 March 2007

dentist? check.

Went this morning. Oh joy. Have to go back in a couple weeks. Double oh joy.

Moving right along, skinny jeans are one fad I can say without a doubt are NOT a fad made for every body. I don't want to be mean, but please. Come on. And that's all I have to say about that.

I have a little piece of exciting news! I will be teaching at the Canada's Scrapbooking Crop For Kids even being held here in Vancouver(ish) in October. I know, that's a long way away, but these guys have been at it as far as planning goes since like summer of 2006 and they were probably talking about it months even before that! Amazing people. I met Trisha in California and have been corresponding regularly with Nicole, who is the Vancouver coordinator. They're both great people and this is going to be such a great even with a wonderful cause. Kids. I love kids. I think that the group of women coordinating all came together through 2peas because of having sick kids in common (well, and scrapbooking of course!) and formed a friendship, leading them here. AMAZING! Scrapbooking is just crazy that way.

So, they asked me last summer and of course I said yes (although it was over a year away at that point!). Now we're getting into serious planning stages and I'm getting ready to put together my projects. I'll be teaching two classes and unless something happens between now and then, that will be my first ever teaching gig! I'm nervous, but not that nervous because it's still like...over 6 months away. Check back with me then ;)

I do want to share news about some of the sponsors I've rounded up for donations to my kits. I'm so excited to make these kits and the projects totally kick-ass. So, so far, I've got:

It's going to be sooooo fun!! So who lives in/around Vancouver? Who would take a class that I was teaching (yikes...I hope people want to sign up!)? If you live somewhere else (ahem, Gabby) and you want to come and sleep in Jaxon's bunk under the moon and stars tent.......???