29 November 2005

He's hoooooome!!!!!!!!!


My baby is home. Home safe and sound.

Here's how it went down:

I was sitting at my friend's house, who also happens to be a neighbour.
We've been spending a lot of time there - Jaxon and her son Carmichael play, and me and Colleen play :)
Ding-dong! The doorbell sounds.
We all (there was another neighbour/friend there too) shut up and get bug-eyed because we happened to be talking about some hush-hush co-op stuff and thought we might have been busted (could they hear us through the door???).
Colleen aka Coco J opens the door and not a word.
She enters the living room, eyebrows raised.
Walking behind her....
He had put his finger up to his lips when she opened the door, letting her know not to let on.
What an awesome man. What a great surprise.

Yep, I cried.
Tears of joy.


He has been SOOO good the past two days. Maybe he sensed something. I don't know, but really, he has been an absolute angel and that has helped me to no end. Even helped me grocery shop and was patient the whole time.

Thank you thank you thank you...
To all you wonderful people who cheer me up when I am down. Kind words, virtual hugs, real hugs, good old fashioned friendship love and support. Means the world and it actually works :)

Having a good day. Such a good day.

Found a bunch of supply stuff that I thought I lost after discovering one by one that I couldn't find:
1. The thing I had been working on (oh well, I'll move on to something else...it's bound to turn up).
2. My ink pads (umm...ok that's weird but whatever...I'll use these other ones).
3. My scissors (OK. WTF is going on here. Am I going crazy???).
No. You're not. You used all of this stuff the other night and put it away (!!??? I know right!!???) in a box. Double whatever. It's found - hallelujah! (sp?).

Maroon 5
This music makes me happy.
It's sexy, warm, chair-dancing-at-work-while-you-sing type music.

Garden State Soundtrack
So good. It even gets better the more you listen to it.

It's snowing!!! Love love love it! Specially when my little love says to me..."I'm so exciting that it's snowing mama! Are you exciting too?". Well, I like to think so darling. I'll ignore the fact that it's turning into a wet sloppy mess as I type...

Don't grocery shop when you're hungry.
Bought chocolate chips popsicles for J nice bread 3 kinds of cheese some pre-marinated souvlaki things that looked sooooo good and they better BE good...tater tots popcorn dip for the chips (gasp!) nuts liverwurst etc etc etc. LOTS of food. We are well stocked. I better stay active with all the eating I'll be doing. It's not like I'm even feeding a grown man afterall...Jaxon better be going through a growth spurt right quick!

The best thing to come out of actually having groceries:
THE best salads ever.
They are a MEAL.
bottom of bowl = balsamic vinaigrette or dressing of your choice
cut up into small pieces and throw in:
cucumber tomato celery mushrooms green beans peas peppers carrots zucchini or any combination of any of the vegies you love
chick peas (they are protein and they're good for you)
feta cheese (YUM)
serve on a bed of lettuce and you've got yourself a filling, healthy meal!
i don't mix the lettuce in cuz if i have leftovers it gets soggy (EW)
i make lots and i eat the leftover vegie/feta part the next day for lunch.

I'm leaving work momentarily for my break and I'm picking up my new bag that I special ordered a month ago.
SO excited. Plus the envelopes I also ordered a month ago. 500 5.5" square envies for $45. Not too shabby.

It's a good day. Thanks for riding this roller coaster with me.

Do any of you need some envelopes?

27 November 2005

tough day

My heart is hurting right now. When I start to feel like this, it feels foreign. I've been trying so hard to be so strong and hold it all in. Why? I have no clue. I'm generally an emotional person - not afraid to cry or feel blue if comes. But these days have not been all that tear-filled. I'm just doing it. Life. One day at a time. Lots of fun times, hectic times, stressful times, laughter, shared moments, good food, hugs, i-love-yous, phone calls, weekends away, long nights, long days.

I almost think something else has to happen to bring out what I'm feeling inside. The first time it was one of Jaxon's preschool teachers going on about how she and her husband used to spend time apart when he travelled for his job and then later only seeing him 3 days a week and how hard it was and how she cried all the time. I thought to myself "am I strange? why haven't i been crying my eyes out at even the thought of my husband being away?" I left, got into my car and proceeded to pretty much bawl all the way to work.

Tonight I was on the phone with my mum and it was a depressing conversation. We don't have those. I was just so "down". I had zero energy for talking and it showed. Instead of pretend everything was fine, I didn't hide that I'm off. I'm so sick of the same conversation every time "that sucks" and "how long" and "when" and "why" and "how hard". I'm sick of it because I want him home now. At least for a little bit. I need him home with me. I'm angry. I'm angry that I don't know when. I'm angry that it's supposed to be over but because of the way the corporate world works, no one knows anything about anything...why they're still there, when they might be coming home, when the next job might be.

I admit it. I have been in denial about the whole thing. I have been so freaking busy that there have been some days that I haven't even thought about how much it sucks. The days come and go and now it's been two months. I have kept the words "temporary" and "soon" and "hopefully" in my internal dialogue on rotation constantly. The "it's over!" moment and getting our hopes up, only to have them stretched out over another week (two...three...???). It's made us mad and stressed out and sad. We really really need a refresher. We need to be a unit for more than 48 hours.

This is really really tough. I thought I might write about it. I think it helped a bit.

26 November 2005

the end of november

is almost here. can you believe it?
we're back on the island visiting dren again.
hmph. we both really really thought he would be home by the weekend.
not sure when now. hopefully soon...that's all we know.
and the latest is that he might have to start a new job dec. 5th.
double hmph.
but we're here, we're together, we're family, and we always will be.

i finally cleaned my house last night. big news, i know.

i got a treo. this is very exciting. part of the neverending quest to organize myself.

because i'm photographically-uploadingly-challenged right now, here's a link instead...


my dear friend coco j and i took some hilarious photos with it last night as we goofed off. it was fun. but i still need to learn about it more and remember to bring the charger and plugs and doo-dads with me when i travel so i can share.

peace out...happy holiday weekend to all my 'merican frienz.

23 November 2005

he IS coming home!!!!!!!!!

and i'm laughing my ass off because at first instead of home i typed "homer"...i have NO idea why...but the word (name?) "homer" has crossed my path too many times lately...weirdness.

Life rocks.
My house is messy.
I HAVE to do the dishes (at least).
My scrap stuff is a disaster.
Why am I a procrastinator?
My man is coming home :)
Don't know when exactly, but soon.
So so so so happy about that.
Feeling inspired.
Lots of ideas and fun stuff to work with.
FOF for next mo...gotta get crackin.
Busy cutting out unmounted stamps.
Contemplating...clean and organize...
...or shove stuff out of the way and just go at it?
I can taste that feeling of happiness...
...sitting down to a clean space...a blank canvas...
ready for a big fat mess to be made.

jaxon gets scared sometimes to go down the slide. even though he's been before and loves it everytime...he still gets a little apprehensive. we were at the park last weekend and d climbed right up after him.

18 November 2005

in a state of bliss

in the hotel room that has become our home-away-from-home.
i love d's laptop.
i love that he had a bottle of wolf blass yellow label and a cute little glass waiting for me.
i love that he bought jaxon madagascar.
i love chillin with my man on the weekends.
i love that i brought only a backpack this time and no scrap supplies. i just need one night off...i'm craving it already...but the break is still bliss.
my honey is in the shower and i'm bloggin for a bit.
my other honey is sound asleep with promises of alex the lion in the a.m. dominating his dreams i'm sure.
i love how our little weekly trip has turned into making little friends in the kidzone on the ferry.
i love that my man might be coming home next week.
right now i'm loving life...in a state of bliss.
ya ya...could have something to do with the couple glasses of yummy red.

16 November 2005

boys stink

Truth be told, I'm glad we hired a boy to work in our office, rather than some crazy/menopausal (sp?) woman...apparently 3 women canNOT work in the office together without ending up hating each other (or at least 2 out of three...making it basically like working in a black cloud...and i know cuz i've worked in 3 black clouds before). SO, enter: boy. At first I thought he was a total dolt...he kinda talks like the pot-smoking dolt type. But, he's saving my life!!!! I got online for like 10 minutes at work today...and it can only get better from there, right!!??? He's still in my office...and I know he showers every morning, but my office still stinks. Could be something to do w/ him being a smoker (ew)...but it's more like boy smell. Musty and ew. But whatever. It's not forever. It's temporary. Till he's properly whipped into shape ;)

Other news. Hmmm. I'm exhausted. It's Wednesday (probably not news to most). I will be a happy camper indeed if I can get a good night's sleep. It's amazing what it does for your body. Kind of changes your whole being...in a good way. I'm currently living off caffeine and sugar...with a few vegetables thrown in for good measure.

OK...that's it for now. Peace out homettes.

I GOT IT TO WORK - YIPPEEEEE!!! DT inspiration piece to use cardstock ONLY...

14 November 2005

i got bit :)

Two Things: THE LIST

Two names you go by:
1. Gen
2. Genevieve

Two things that scare you:
1. our underground parking at night
2. heights

Two of your everyday essentials:
1. coffee
2. morning radio

Two things you are wearing right now:
1. flip flops
2. sweats

Two of your favorite bands or musical artists (at the moment):
1. Jack Johnson
2. Missy Higgins

Two favorite songs (at the moment):
1. humps humps lady lumps!! (bep)
2. because of you (kelly)

Two things you want in a relationship (other than real love):
1. Trust
2. Laughter

Two truths:
1. this too shall pass
2. smile - it's contagious :)

Two physical things that appeal to you (in the opposite sex):
1. eyes
2. smile

Two of your favorite hobbies (besides scrapbooking??):
1. shopping
2. painting

Two things you want really badly:
1. more time in the day
2. to be able to stay home

Two places you want to go on vacation:
1. England
2. New York

Two things you want to do before you die:
1. ride a roller coaster and have fun doing it
2. get organized :D

Two ways that you are stereotypically a chick:
1. love clothes & makeup
2. don't like bugs

Two things you are thinking about now:
1. i'm tired
2. i have so much to do

Two stores you shop at:
1. London Drugs
2. Toys R Us

Is there a blogger alive who hasn't been bit!!???
Happy Monday :)

13 November 2005

ON the is-land

12:16 am. Off to bed soon.
I so enjoyed reading blogs tonight for a few before hittin the hay.
Missed this. Been missin a lot I realize.
I got inspired this weekend...not necessarily caught up...but super inspired.

We have been so chill this weekend. D brought bacon and eggs and toast this morning. Let me just say that the thought of cold white spot breaky did nothing for me until i dug in and not only was it NOT cold but it was the most delicious thing every. crispy hash and lotsa grease. Yum. But D better come home soon or I'm gonna get fat.

To backtrack approximately 1 hour: I was woken by the smell of an eggnog latte on the hotel bed sidetable. Love that man.

11 November 2005

off to the is-land today...

To see my sweeetieee!!! Yaaaay!

Jaxon is so happy too...these little excursions are actually quite fun.

I will get....
lots of family time
lots of computer time ;) with the FUN IM...
lots of scrapping time (hopefully)

I've come to LOVE rooting thru my stash and picking out my favourite stuff and trying to cram as much of it as possible into my thng on wheels :)

SO happy it's a holiday and the weekend!!!

PS..WHY can I not upload images???? Waaaah!

09 November 2005

Hump Day

Little break from work for a moment. Tomorrow is "Friday" since the real Friday is a holiday - yipee!! Gotta love the short work week. Although the weather is mostly dull, grey and cold, the fall colours all over the place are astounding. I know I see the leaves turn every year, but somehow this year my appreciation for these almost unnatural colours has grown. I'm feeling a bit dull and grey myself in terms of "things to say" right now...plus I have a whole ton of work staring me in the face. I'm hoping to figure out why I'm getting error messages when trying to post a picture. Do you think maybe it hates me because I took such a long blogging holiday? Hmph.

08 November 2005

what's a blog again??

I did try to update this last week...I really did. I lost my internet connection just as I hit "publish post". It was a long entry. Argh. I decided perhaps the universe was trying to tell me something like "give up now". Anyway, after contemplating over the last week or two whether blogging is in fact for me, I have decided to give it another shot. We shall see.

Things are not easy in my life right now by any means. That said, I'm also really truly happy deep down into my core. I feel like a super lucky human being to have the life I have. So except for the days where it's an absolute necessity, I'm done with dwelling. I'll cry when I need to, get it out, and move on.

Gonna keep it short and sweet for now. Back to work.

Here's the latest...I'm so grateful to have this passion in my life.

***OK so blogger is NOT letting me upload my image :( So sad. Maybe later :)