30 April 2007

talking to myself

get off the computer.

27 April 2007

happy birthday mum

this week's dareage:

(I remember where I was when...) The little booklet held by the square brad is where I journalled about snippets that I remembered. They are so random...it's funny how one's memory works. My mama (happy birthday mama!) likened it to a slide show that fell on the floor. Bits and pieces and all mixed up. Anyway, it was cool to do, so do it.

Then a couple from the April Scrapologie kit, which is amaaazing. Loved it with all my heart. Couldn't stop making stuff all last weekend. I posted the rest, including the whole minibook HERE.

Now I command everyone to go away and have a GREAT WEEKEND!

OH! and the knob packaging from my last post held...a knob. You'll see it on an upcoming project ;)

24 April 2007


while it may be one of my most favourite products to get my grubby paws on...the packaging certainly is interesting, to say the least.

hee hee.

23 April 2007

well looky he-ah.

isn't it thrilling!??
(photo courtesy k's blog)

19 April 2007

fontwerks explosion

all over my table.
just a little sumpin that happened the other day...

11 April 2007


I love them. I love to see details.

Dare 64 is alive.
Naughty Girls Need Yoga Too.
(and stamps, according to the radical Asta Arts)

Took these lil birdies and used watercolour pencil crayons on them. SO fun.

art IS therapy

No kidding. It's my thing. That thing that makes me feel better. Bottom line. I have been in a funk a little bit. Not a huge funk, but just kinda blah.

Last night was pseudo Monday (with the real Monday being a holiday and all) and so that was a very Monday-ish night. Neighbours around, kids playing...feeling kind of like it's still the weekend but with that Monday-ish mellow, slightly depressed vibe.

Tonight though, was mine. Something happened today that felt a little bit fateful. So I bit into that and had a really good evening. We had dinner, I said no to Jaxon and meant it and stuck with it and it didn't end in a meltdown and/or a fight, Dren and I joked around as per usual and then Dren put Jax to bed and I watched ANTM and the Canucks and just played.

And it was therapeutic. It was for this week's dare, and what I thought at first was virtually impossible or at the very least very very difficult, I went with it and was led in a completely different direction from what I originally was thinking. But it was therapy and it felt good. And that's what I love about art/scrapbooking/journalling...all that shit. Love it. With a hugely appreciative passion.


04 April 2007

amidst the chaos

Amidst the chaos of what is currently my life...my brain, my co-op, my family, my creative space...

There lies a vase of flowers from my husband. Just 'cause.

Feeling the love. This was last week, and it's still making me happy.

03 April 2007

he's shorn!

my baby got a haircut. his 4th.
he's so cute. i wanna smoosh him.
(with hugs and kisses)
(like that's gonna happen)

do you love the fake smile?
he is such a poser lately...it's hilarious.

working on stuff for the new lazar store tonight. fun!