29 January 2008

sick as a dog

Where does that saying come from?!? Anyway, that's me. A throat infection that made its way to my stomach. Charming, no? 2nd day of antibiotics and I'm feeling so much better. Do you ever feel like you want to die for a minute when you're that sick? UGH.

Worked til late again today. Trying to catch up (what else is new) and maybe even get ahead so I can get the chance to play this week.

Dren and I have been watching Boston Legal on DVD. We sort of lost track of it when our schedules were off so we're picking it back up that way. Love the no commercials part of watching TV on DVD. I mentioned Parker Posey in my last post and she appeared today in the episode we saw! Neat little coincidence, I thought.

The candle just went out under my "rejuvenation" oil burner. I think that's a good sign it's time for bed.


24 January 2008

omg it's late

just finished a layout job. PHEW. increasing margins and flipping to a new smaller template for a 16 page DVD booklet layout = NOT FUN.

now it's late. need to get some sleep in order to wake up and get more work done.

i am in re-love with PARKER POSEY. hi. she is like, the cutest 30+ish-year-old. Queen of Indie. Need to filmography her immediately and watch everything she's done since the 90s. absolutely adored broken english.

going to Cali in a couple weeks! gonna see K! so 'cited! much to do and figure out. ha! it wouldn't be me if it wasn't in chaos.

paid so many bills this week. billsbillsbills. ick.

dinner with awesome company tonight @ hapa izakaya. too much food and just enough sake and sapporo. so much laughter my cheeks hurt.

that is all...

17 January 2008

thrift store boo-yah!!!

Poor Jax dude has been sick aaaalll week. These headaches keep coming and going...it's the same thing Carmichael had over Friday Saturday Sunday last week. He will go in to school, and call at noon for me to pick him up. Poor little buddy just crashes after expending every last little bit of energy. I kept him home today - he woke up in the middle of the night with a headache, crying. My heart just melts for him when he's sick. Party I feel sorry that he's in pain/discomfort, partly I want to make him feel better, and partly I love that he's kind of needy when he's sick. He's six...he's got boy stuff and friend stuff and lots of stuff to do without mama and so I kind of cherish being able to be close to him when he's sick. He had a great morning, and my friend Selma and I had a date to go to the thrift store today. So he came. It was super fun...he's a bit of a shopper and he wanted to look for cool t-shirts and hoodies. As we were leaving, S spotted brand-spankin new Dior shades in the glass jewellry/camera/sunglass/$5+goods case that also holds the cash register. Serious. And honestly, I usually don't really give a shit about brand names and stuff, but when I put them on and my eyelashes didn't hit the lenses, I was a happy girl. Sometimes you get what you pay for, and if you get really sick Dior glasses that should run you about $200 for $25, it's a good thrift store shoppin day. Then we went to a sushi place. J developed a headache but I thought a good part of it was due to hunger. He eagerly gobbled up a Cali roll (hold the avocado - WHAT!?? is that even my child!??) and had some miso soup and mango ice cream. Perfect sick day, if you ask me. And him.


Ruth! - I can't seem to get contact info for you from the comments - can you please email me!?

16 January 2008

she's a tired girl.

Or feeling old. or both.
A panic attack in the middle of the night (wtf???) and 3 crazy vivid dreams and one restless sleep later......I didn't venture out of bed until 9:30, had to pick Jaxon up sick from school at 12:30, tried to fit in a shower and some work and had a meeting tonight.
A much as I'm dying for some creative time, I think I'm just headed to bed with Sudoku on Dren's PSP.

15 January 2008


I had Oprah on today, and she featured a The Container Store for one of the segments. I was immediately in love. Of course we don't have The Container Store here (of coure) but I want it. So I went to the website:

And I had to laugh. And then I thought: "it's a little teeny bit scary how much power Oprah has" I mean, love the girl, but seriously...she probably really could take over the world. Dren used to have a joke that Oprah and Martha are aliens sent to take over the world. I guess Martha got a little sidetracked from her mission. :)

Gratitude is back! (I really think I need it...it works!)
Sooooo very grateful for the first sunny day in a loooong time. Took Momo to the dog park!

14 January 2008

meet Momo!

The ONLY non-blurry photo I've caught so far...

12 January 2008


I'm really sad about Scrapologie. It was like a scrapbooking touchstone for me...a way to keep in touch with some of my favourite people and artists in this crazy little community. I love scrapbooking...I love it alot. It's just that I've kind of pulled away from it lately, to be honest. I've been in a creative rut in general...Christmas was pretty difficult for me this year. I've been spent emotionally and creatively. I want it back so bad. I've been dabbling in making jewellry again...that's been fun. And so now, as The Scrapologie Era comes to an end, it's a good time to re-group, get re-energized and also just have some time to relax and play for a bit. As you may have read, the dares is gonna take a quick hiatus as well. in support of the writer's strike, you know. and we are BACK with a vengeance on lippity leap year with a whole new bag of tricks.

and in the meantime, i'm having a blast moving into my new office and working out the work/play kinks.

this post via ae so hit home.

today Jaxon and I went to the park with Momo. What an excellent time. Jax insisted on going to the park with the Spiderman climbing thing ...the one that's near to the licker store. It always makes me feel like a fabulous parent when my child lists the "licker store" as a landmark near to the playground. ahem.

I kicked ass cleaning the house tonight. Seriously. Jaxon went up to play with Carmichael and I got busy on the house. De-cluttering, putting things away in the places they belong (such a weird concept, I know). Emptied and refilled and emptied the dishwasher (have I mentioned loving having a dishwasher?) All surfaces sufficiently tidied, candles up in appropriate spots, aromatherapy happening in my office. Ahhhh. Good times. And baaad backpain after!! Am I like 90!?

Jaxon and I are both suffering from exema this winter (at least I think we are!?). It's kind of irritating being itchy and dry all the time.

Alright. 10:54pm and I have just returned from the kitchen, where for some insane reason I felt the need to blurt out "who wants chocolate chip cookies!!??" to which dren replied "ah yeah...what kind of questions is that?" and jaxon replied "yeah, mama, what kind of question is that?". Little clone. A self-admitted little clone. God I love those boys. And our new little girl :)


08 January 2008


Project runway is back FI-NAH-LY!!!
And it's about as Devil Wears Prada-ish as could possibly be.

Totally productive, happy day. Figuring out possible solution to debt (wow). 40 minute walk with Momo (so good for me and it felt so good and the little munchkincrazygirl was so good and so cute). Made jewellry for the first time in SO long! Two necklaces. Funky and cute. Just have to add clasps and then they'll be good to go!

I also took a break in the afternoon around 3 and worked on a collage piece thing that's been going for a little while. I'm feeling a tad more pressure to pay it some attention because Momo seems to like to come in and chew on it. Hmmm.

And thanks to Project Runway, I did a fashion sketch too!

Soapiest Day Ever.: when you take the bar of soap and mix it with the bubbles in the bubble bath and go crazy with the best biggest amount of soapiest soap EVER. {excerpt from The World According to Jaxon}

06 January 2008

today is the soapiest day ever.

We have all been totally consumed by the newest member of our family (who I currently have no photos of because of her keeping us so busy but also because it's winter and there's no light and the photos I took with a flash are icky). We've been talking about getting a dog for some time. It's mostly been Dren talking and me either tuning him out or saying "no." Once I gave in, he was online 24/7 trying to find us a dog. And as of New Years Day, we have a 9 week old lab cross. Her name is Momo and she's awesome. Photos soon!

I'm loving my own new office space. Burning all these yummy essential oils I found while cleaning and sorting, putting bits and pieces up and reorganizing...actually playing in my little spot.

I'm trying to restore some of that creative mojo that seems to have completely disappeared of late. Just rolling with it and doing different stuff. I'm reading a really cool little book a friend gave me for Christmas called Craft Inc. It's cute and chock-full of information and inspiration. Colleen and I went for brunch today and strolled down the Drive. Haven't done anything girlfriendy lately and it was really nice. We went into the new Barefoot Contessa...to die for! I love window shopping.

Just finished up a bunch of work in order to have an easier more relaxed Monday morning. Feeling really in shape. For work...not in general :) Walking the dog is going to be awesome for getting more exercise. It will be especially great when she actually wants to go out...it's too damn cold right now!

For one of the recent Dares I put together a gazillion tiny little thumbnails together in a little ring-bound album, all from 2007. I started with Jaxon's 2006/2007 school photo, and ended it with this year's. Gotta get all caught up with the Dares and some other projects!

About time for a long winter's nap, methinks.