30 March 2007

it's friday kids!

and i couldn't be more thrilled.
my place is a DUMP and i'm cleanin.
sortin, purgin, cleanin.

dare day yall...
and i want to get my space cleaned up so i can make more fun stuff!!! i'm totally in the mood to make stuff and paint stuff and do stuff...weeee!

i'm kind of challenging people over at scrapologie to get organized...but only because if i put it out there then i hope it will be a good motivation for me to do it too. i've said i'm taking before and after pictures. eek!

gearing up (mentally, for now...creatively later this week) for the opening of the Lazar storefront opening in conjunction with the existing piece of heaven, Ruby Dog's Arthouse. Also, I got the Opus newspaper yesterday in the mail and so I think I need a canvas or 5. And some paint. And I'm also out of gesso. And now I want watercolour paper thanks to Claudine.

i hope everyone has a faaaabulous weekend and if you haven't already, PLEASE donate to ali's badge for autism awareness on your own and also my behalf (can't donate outside the US). she's doing an amazing job of raising money for a great cause and it would be sooo exciting if her badge won. she and all the wonderful people who have donated a minimum of $10 have managed to raise something like $35000 so far! the contest closes sunday. go team go!



Eminepala said...

Yeah, I need to reorganize my space as well... Glad that your in the mood again to create... I am too...

Ali gave us a good news... Now we can donate here in the Netherlands too ;)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend


stephaniehowell said...

you clean, girl.
i cleaned too...and hid stuff b/c we are having abt. 30 army boys over for a bbq today...didn't think they would quite "get" the scrapbooking thing.
can't wait to see your final results