16 March 2007


The first antibiotic drops prescribed didn't work. The second ones (today) better. And that's all I have to say about that. Except maybe also that I would appreciate a volunteer to pluck my eyeball from my eyesocket, wash it in something very antibacterial, and replace it good as new into my skull. Can you handle that??? Exhausted. Period. THE END.

Dare stuff. I haven't posted much the last couple of weeks since they have been taken over by other universal plans for myself that I don't necessarily agree with but I guess that's what happens.

So, last week's dare...
Photo of the day.
And here's the journalling, which will describe the somewhat not-so-great photo (it's in the card in the pocket):

Today wasn't a good day for photos. It was dark and rainy and you have the flu. But then, of course I *had* to take a photograph of your newly missing tooth! You cooperated so well despite being so sick...well, you let me take like one photo.I have really loved spending so much time with you over the last couple of days. I'm not a stay-at-home mum. Me & daddy raise you and we both have jobs. I'm super lucky to have a job where it's OK that you are my #1 priority. Being able to be your mama and take care of you along with granny while you've been sick has been wonderful.

And that's the story behind the page 2607 below:

And this week's dare required some journalling as well. But it's on the back since it just didn't flow to add it on the front:

Obviously, you have been abandoned. A mossy, rotting roof...peeling paint and broken windows. Showbills and graffiti everywhere. Who has abandoned this beautiful building? It's been a long time, too. What is in store for you, beautiful building? I love the bright red, distressed, raw heritage exterior of the Opsal Steel building @ 2nd and Main.

And now, I must put a hot compress on my eye and watch the rest of Jesus Camp.

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Nisa said...

ah! you have to tell me how Jesus camp was... my hairstylist said it was deliciously sick. I MUST SEE IT.
(and also- I will wash your eyeball.)