31 July 2007

doing my best

seriously pissed.
been working on coming up with a solution.
have one. does not involve blogger.
we WILL have a dare up this week...we're just not 100% sure how/where.
working on it.

I know it's not Wednesday, but the bloggage is not happening as frequently due to various busy stuff so everyone shut up and let me bitch for a minute. I mean, do they even know how hard we've worked at our blog? Could you not at least write us back and say something!?? Despite feeling somewhat deflated and seriously disappointed by the whole thing, we'll spring back. Of that I'm sure.

Getting some serious inspiration from the Dare book. It is the bomb-diggity.

Jaxon is starting a new daycare tomorrow. Sometimes he just doesn't get it. He thought perhaps he was going sometime near his birthday (October???) but I set him straight: "no babes, you're going to the new daycare tomorrow." Jaxon: {gasp} "I'm dooomed!". Had me in stitches out on the street at 7:20 this morning. The new daycare is so wicked. Hot lunch, hot snack and two times a week even a hot lunch. Out-trips 3 out of 5 days of the week. Waterslides, Science World, the beach, pools, park across the street...good times.

I'm totally going to try that magnesium thing that Ruth commented about on the last post. Can't hurt to try, right? (Thanks Ruth!) Anxiety is pretty well under control for me, thanks to modern medicine. The thing is, my goal is to come off the meds some day. I know that if I eat properly, sleep enough, have enough "me" time and get lots of exercise I'll be OK. While some days I might be trying to be Superwoman, I don't think I actually ever get there. I'm just doing the best I can. It's all I can do.

And now I'm falling asleep - must go.

For getting things done and crossing them off the list.

PS. Thanks for posting your grateful comments...I do love to hear them so if ever you feel compelled then write it down - either here or where you are. Makes it more real that way.

27 July 2007


Part of anxiety for me is feeling like I'm not in control of a situation. Treading into unchartered (by me) territory, being in large crowds of strangers, or having to deal with something "important" that I haven't done before.

Today I'm feeling anxious and distracted and inefficient. But I know this too shall pass. I'm writing it down to get it out, and now I'm going to focus on the beautiful day, the summer breeze, and the weekend ahead.

What are YOU grateful for? I'd like to hear about it.

25 July 2007


With a side of busy on top! Is it seriously Wednesday already!? Aley & mum are both moving and between that and co-op and some freelance graphics work I've picked up and family and regular work and my back being screwed up due to falling on my ass in Safeway last Friday.........UGH. Tonight, I put Jaxon to bed in our bed with a movie. Is that wrong? Don't answer that. It's bitch Wednesday!

Lots of bitchin to do, but also lots of great and exciting stuff going on as well.

I'm trying to find the scrap of paper that I've been keeping notes on for days as I think of things I want to document. So, I've got lots of scrappin "material" but also I had some stuff I just wanted to journal, ie: blog. Oh well. Must be Wednesday.

I need a massage and you have to really go to someone you know is good, whether you've been before or through a referral. I've had some BAD massages before. Do you know when they pinch your skin? I hate that.

Falling. In the Safeway produce department. Water on the floor by the corn table thing. Me? No basket, wallet, keys and cell phone and meat and bread and salad and I think some kettle chips too in my hands. I go literally feet up in the air. I really wish I could have seen my face. I mean, I'm a klutz through and through, but it doesn't usually includ quite that much drama! A kind and slightly greasy looking man helped me up so that alleviated some of the flushed-cheek feeling I was beginning to have.

Junk. You know when you go and help someone purge or sort or organize or pack or move? And you come home with half the shit they needed to get rid of? What is that about? Seriously, we live in an apartment building. Where am I going to put the hammock? Each time I said, "yes, sure!" to a new item, I was more and more certain that Dren would look at the stuff once we both were home and go "Gen!" in that half-way pissed off, half-way seriously pissed off and half-way giving up and defeated. Yes, well, that's exactly what happened. He knows he can't seriously do anything about it, but we don't have a lot of space here and I keep promising no more crap. Less crap, in fact!

Ah well, if I can figure out how to hang that hammock, I'll be one grateful girl :)


23 July 2007

technical difficulties...

We don't know what's going on with our Dares blog and before we curse the good blogger name we're asking them for help. With they come through for us? Only time will tell I suppose. Anyway, sorry and we hope to be up and running again ASAP!

20 July 2007


I've been MIA the last few days. I was gearing up for a big meeting we had last night at the co-op. We had to pass a resolution with all the members in order to be able to borrow the ginormous amount of money we need to fix the building. The amount of paperwork and preparation and "officialness" that goes into the whole process is amazing. And not in a good way. But, I'm learning a lot and last night all went well and the resolution was unanimously passed. Hooray! We are going to get our building FIXED! No more leaks and no more mould! It will be a long process, but we're further along than we have been yet. Good news, very good news. And just another thing to add to my plate. Heck...what's one more thing!?

What else? No time to write cause I'm up to my brain socket in work (both salaried and freelance and personal).

Here's my dare for this week. I love that lil Jaxon face. I wanna squeeze it. Where does the time GO exactly???


Being early today was so rewarding. At 6:55am we were sitting in the car in the parking lot of Jaxon's daycare waiting for the lady to come and open it and I asked him if he wanted to wait in the car or go play in the playground. He chose to go play, and asked me to push him on the tire swing. He had so much fun...showing me how he jumps off it as it slows down. The huge grin on his face lit up my own and left happy in my heart that is still sitting there.

17 July 2007

takin you way back. back into time.

My sisters and mother (decidedly not dressed up) and I on Saturday night. Why do we look like a bad scene from the 80s? This was the scene all over Rhi's house as she hosted a "Stuck in the 80s" party for her man. Aren't we divine? I especially like how somehow all the shots are so badly set up that they actually could be from the 80s. Just like us. There was a live band (consisting of the brother in law and his compadres...just a tiny bit rusty but super fun) and we jammed to the 80s all night. The police came (hmmmm...live band perhaps?) and we had mini burgers and nachos and potato skins and jello tequila shooters and long island ice teas. Yowza. I did lots of hair, which was actually the most fun, and I decided that night that I really should have been a makeup artist. As long as I could do purple and pink and blue eye shadow on everyone and use at least a bottle and a half of Final Net, I'd be a hot commodity.

hot stuff.

For my FedEx Ground shipment being ready to go and out of my hair. It was a bitch to put together. Now please no one lose it.

14 July 2007

kind of freaking out over here!!!

It's all about grateful today (and yesterday too, when this arrived):
are we not loving the matte cover w/ glossy accents? indeed, we are. YUM!

12 July 2007

a friend

To have a friend, you have to be a friend.

For good friends.

11 July 2007


So. I've thought about the subject of swearing (or cursing as the americans say) on my blog. Truth be told, I'm a little bit of a big huge potty mouth in real life. Yes, as a mother, I have learned to say "potty mouth". I don't know how I've done it, but I've managed to keep it in check almost fully in front of kids (on the rare occasion that I've slipped, Jaxon will whip his curly head around and look me right in the eye and scowl and say "I heard that"). Get me rambling or talking about something I'm passionate about or maybe even just sitting around shooting the shit with my girlfriends and/or sisters, or just after hanging up with a hugely annoying and profoundly dumb client...foul-mouthed G comes out to play. Whatever...I won't go off on a tangent here, but if I bust out a "curse" word here and there, just know that it comes from me - typing out something that flies into my head and that means it's real and it's just who I am. Really, I guess everything here is just me. I've thought about leaving myself out there for the world to peek in at should they choose, all the while at times treating this like my own personal journal I can tuck back into its place once I'm done (ie: once I hit "publish post"). Crazy thing, this online journalling is.

OK...and that's enough feeling like a bitch for this bitch wednesday.

WINNER! of stamps & paper goodness.....

jen paddack-hyde said...

another lurker:) Been reading your blog for a while now:) I've been thinking I need to do a daily gratitude too. Love reading yours:)

10:24 AM

Jen email me w/ your addy!

Gratitude? It's hard when you feel like you're melting (yes, Meghan, I still think it's hot. You're in the DESERT, remember?) Megs is doing wicked with her photography thing. She's got a wicked eye and I love it. I'm grateful today that my friend Meg is working on something she' lovin. <3

10 July 2007

goooood stuff.

Last Friday I was featured as the guest blogger on the Fiskateers blog. I won't go into great detail here, since I wrote a LOT on that post, but it was really REALLY a neat experience because it got me back to thinking about the key stuff I'm thinking about and doing lately. Today I stopped by there to read peoples' comments and they were really nice to read.

The book is just over a month away from release! I have butterflies in my tummy to see it in person. We were so pushy with our wonderful editor and the folks @ Memory Makers books to get it "just right". We wanted a certain look and feel...we really wanted the book to reflect US. From what I've seen, I really think it does....I cannot wait!

People have asked and emailed about where to get the papers I designed. I know I mention Lazar all the time, but just in case you wanted a direct link, here you go: buy cellular, or buy organic.

Also, in an effort to get my ass to the post office, I'm giving away each paper line to one random winner. AND the same person will also win one each of my new stamps!
Painty Splats
Painted Spots and Squares
Creative Wordage

Leave a comment to be included in the drawing! (or just because you want me to feel the love)

Now that we've taken care of business...

For routine. I do love the more spontaneous random side of myself I have discovered since being with Dren (he's a tad more casual than I...yeah just a tad) but I'm just that type. I think it's referred to as "A". While the weather is amazing like this, I'm really going to try to get up earlier and go for a boot around the lake. Key word: try. It's all I can do....

09 July 2007

i need a nap

It's 9:33am and I need a nap real bad.
Up too late, ate too much food, drank too much wine=seriously not happy Monday Gen.
BBQs are wonderful and fun and all of that.
They just need to be a little more controlled and perhaps on Saturday.
Or perhaps I could just get a clue and go home at 10 next time.
It's suuuper breezy and beautiful outside. GORGEOUS.
Please lord, teleport me to the beach with a pillow like now.
Besides, work is not busy. They don't need me here.

Sunshine!!! And time to catch my breath. And naps. Even though I'm not having one right now.

06 July 2007


what to say what to say? i'm tired. i'm counting the minutes til quittin' time. hot. sushi for lunch was most delicious. need new music. bad. suggestions? feeling like scrapbooking. love the blue sky and the butterflies. little bits of breeze are so nice. need to get a bike. so over work for the week.

how cute is that little man clip? so cute. can't wait to show this to carmichael. i think he'll be happy. must work on making some sort of a late-night photo studio in my house. perhaps i can take over part of the kitchen for that?

I work for my sister & brother-in-law's company. Yes, there have been many many challenges and obstacles to overcome because of this, but lots of benefits too. Today, for example, I said to Rhi "can I go take a steam shower because my skin is hating this weather" and so I did. She's go this amazing shower - it's got a waterfall thingy and a regular hose thingy and then steam. OMG SO incredible. my skin is still baby soft. I used all her lovely products and awesome face stuff. Wicked. Then I went back to work! :) I hope everyone has a lovely weekend...xog

05 July 2007

still sweating

seriously...i think the ozone has been depleted since last year by tenfold. i'm HOT. (sizzlesizzle). not that i'm complaining. kind of.

That's my paper on page 25 of the July issue of Memory Makers mag! Huge thank you to Kelly S. who commented to let me know! Of course I was running late after work, have a bunch of co-op stuff to do, a meeting tonight and had to stop in at my fave mag store (it's called Does Your Mother Know? <--- rad name, yes?) and they had 2 copies! Snapped one up and the traffic was bad enough that I could find it and glance through a bit more of the issue as well.

Soooooo grateful for scrapbooking. If it weren't for scrapbooking, I would not be the same person. I have met real true, honest-to-goodness friends, had the opportunity to design product (and then see it and use it!), re-found my love of art (painting, getting messy, experimenting, growing), all the while documenting my life and the life of my family and friends. I would not have a blog, for God's sake! :)

04 July 2007

i have not forgotten

let's get to some bitchin!

i'm a melting, sweaty mess. even if i felt like putting makeup on in the morning (which i don't) it would be gone because i'm that melty. EW. i need a cabana boy with an extra large palm leaf immediately.

head filling up with TO-DOs (in turn, this often leads to overwhelmed gen, and from time to time a serious meltdown). must. try. to. not. melt. down.

NERVOUS that our co-op membership will meet the proposal of having FOUR mortgages with much resistance. i don't blame them, but our building is leaky and we have to get it fixed. loan proposal is tonight, but we won't know for sure until the 19th. being the chair of the board at this particular time is a bit stressful, to say the least.

needing a pedicure like no-one's business.

solo time has come to a close. time to pick up the boy and try to not pass out on the way.

bitchbitchbitch. yay!

Caught up on 187 emails today. What a load off.

03 July 2007


my new stamps - just got 'em from chris on friday!
these are based of the actual hand-carved stamps i made to create my paper lines!

had a great weekend but yesterday evening started to feel crappy and ended up with some sort of stomach bug. ugh. home today...slept most of the day away hoping to feel better, but i wanted to post cause of being MIA (totally away from the computer for a few days...it was nice) and to share the stamps with you. hope my canadian friends had a great weekend and happy 4th to my american buddies! xoxog

so grateful to have finally gotten my balcony back together (long, boring story) and having friends over to sit on it and enjoy the flowers & greenery & lights. love it.