30 June 2006

friday & a long weekend

yeah baby!!!
i should be getting ready for work right now.
why does time seem to FLY in the morning?

but i quickly gotta post today's DARE.
i seem to have the cutting-out-of-patterned-paper obsession these days.
the paper looks at me and screams "cut me up right now!!!"
and i think between that and cutting rubber stamps (yay purple onion!!) i'm damaging a nerve in my thumb.

happy friday all!

28 June 2006

today, jaxon drew a planet.

on himself.
stayed home sick.
with daddy.
'nuff said.
washable markers?
dollar store markers.
bought by mother-in-law from toronto.

i know, it's a large planet.
but, he assures me it IS a planet.
it extends from his belly
to his back
to his arms
to his hands
there's a little planet residue on his face too.
ahhhh the life.

26 June 2006


& sweaty, with a side of kiwi & strawberry cider.
seriously. woah. it's hot.
i wonder if it's actually a different hot or if i'm different?
is there some sort of body change, similar to menopause with its hot flashes, that women go through around 28? i'm mean...EW.
so besides being disgustingly hot, i'm good.
i totally love my life right now...there's just not quite as much time to sit around and reflect on that fact as i'd like. but oh well, right? i mean...it's summer!

i do wish i could have taped this guy on the bus the other day though, and played it for you here. he was a spiritual NUT (and i mean, like, takentoomuchacidfreakishcrazykindanut) who kept rambling on, kinda like he was preaching to his dear sweet companion, but in the voice and tone and using the intellect of oh say...i don't know...maybe one of the dudes from bill & ted's excellent adventure!? or some other dumb-as-a-post talker. uhh...yeah. duuuuude.

"so...like...you know...there's like these computer chips deep down inside us you know...and like...even though our destinies are like totally predetermined and all...your path is ready for you to follow....it's all laid out in front of you like a rainbow...like well...you know...you think you're making a choice, but you're like totally not making a choice you know...it's like you're already programmed and like you don't even know what you're going to choose but it's already chosen for you and there's nothing you can really do except you know like sometimes, when you can like go way down deep and really connect with the universe...you can maybe like change that computer chip and reprogram it. you know?" -dude on bus

oh. i know. dude.

23 June 2006

oh! well looky here...

it's friday!

i love MG
she is so creative in this totally unique way.
i've tried to emulate her a couple of times and always end up laughing at myself.
she was miss june today over at the dares.
WOW did i have a helluva hard time with this.
but then it popped into my brain and away it flew.
FUN FUN stuff.
i was also busy this week doing wedding invites for some good friends.
i'll have to share as soon as i get one back from her and scan it.
for now, i'll leave you with a little something...
i'm off to a party and hopefully i'll feel like scrapping when i get home!


21 June 2006

it's summer!!!

it's the middle of the week. deadlines loom, i've been fighting off a cold (yes, again), getting lots of sleep. still going (fairly) strong with the diet and exercise bizness i've lost about 10 pounds so far and i'm feeling great. believe me...i would NOT continue with this if i didn't feel different. thank goodness for my friend and neighbour and executive chef shelome, who happened to cook us dinner tonight after i whined about not wanting to cook and not wanting to eat the same old salad and chicken AGAIN. we had a delicious meal. lean cut steak, bbq'd of course, asparagus, mushrooms, beans, and a huge chopped salad with home-made dressing and feta. TO DIE for!!! i know it seems like all i think about and talk about is food. well...uhm. that's pretty much true. i thought i was obsessive about food before. yeah, well now it's even worse.

what else? oh! it's the very FIRST day of summer peoples!!! happy summer solstice to all...and i'm off to figure out all what i need to get done.

19 June 2006

and the winners are...

uhm so yeah...i hate the fact that i could only pick two for now.
cause seriously...if i could give all of you a book i would.
i lovedlovedloved reading through all of your quotes and my collection is now so much more complete because of them.
so thanks so much for playing!

jaxon was out of commission today...playing hard right up til bedtime.
so i enlisted the help of the larger boy in the house.

he was very into it...made me get shots of the whole process...and boy did he make a production out of it. quite possiby the worst photographs i have ever taken. but hey...whatever right!? did the job. so thanks to my sweetie for helping!

congratulations gloriarose & mel g!!!
please email me w/ your addresses & i'll get the books out to you right quick! (or as close to that as i manage...we all know i'm a procrastinator).

and stay tuned.
i want to give more books away.
this is fun!
i just have to think up something fun to do.

8:56pm. time to wind down.
night all.

it's coming....

just not quite yet :)

i'm leaving work very shortly to go pick the official "picker" up.
we'll hang out for a bit, then i'm going to get the names of all the awesome lovelies who graced my blog w/ their quote-li-ness(es) into a hat (or a box...we shall see) and get the jax to pick a couple names.


16 June 2006

dare day +

i'm LOVING all the quotes you guys...thank you!!!
keep em coming. you have til sunday to post a quote on here and get a chance to win one of two copies of freestyle that i'm giving away. yeah!

here is my DARE because it is, afterall, friday, and that does, afterall, mean it's dare day. this was a really fun one for me. i'm not a huge astrology buff, but it sparks my interest for sure, so it was kinda cool looking into my sign a bit more. i am fascinated by how the traits and characteristics of people under different signs are so often SO true. a few of mine hit really close to home.

ok. so here it is. and may everyone have a wicked weekend.
peace out homettes (are there any homies who read this? i don't think so)

15 June 2006

freeeeestylin' babies!

freestyle is not only the first book i've ever been published in, but is the first time i've been published. period. when i first started scrapbooking in my clean and simple way back in february of 2005, i had no clue where it would take me or how much it would add to my life. in fact, i didn't even have a clue how big the industry was, or how far its arms reached. i was absolutely floored when asked to participate in a book for Autumn Leaves. again, no clue what it would be like or what "working" in the industry meant. i struggled a lot with being assigned themes/topics/colours/etc. i felt like i was pressured and didn't produce my best work. but what an amazing opportunity. what a lot of lessons i've learned. i will always treasure this as my first working experience. for these reasons and many more, i was so excited to receive my copies of the book. they were quickly given to friends and family, with some loved ones left out. this can't be! i ordered more :)

so now i have some leftovers, and i want to share.

i've met such awesome people and friends and supporters through cyberland and bloggin over the past year+ ...thank you. since there appears to be some interest in this book that's so special to me, i'm going to have some fun with you. i'm not sure yet how many books i'll have to give away, but as i figure it out, i'll let you know.

today, i would LOVE for you to share a favourite quote. i'm all about the quotations. i love em. so will you please share with me?

each person who posts a quote for me to add to my collection will get their name into a draw (i will enlist the completely unbiased and random third party services of Jaxon, Inc. for the drawing), and for this first little contest i'll give away two books.

how does that sound? wanna play?

then bring on the quotes people! you have until sunday night at midnight west coast canada time. so excited!

14 June 2006

is there anyone reading this who...

...doesn't have freestyle yet?
you know what i'm talking about right?
i feel the urge to give a book away.

i wonder how i shall do this.

13 June 2006

more from camp england

for fun.
cause i just can't resist.

11 June 2006

world cup

soccer fever all over the world,
and right here at home.

09 June 2006

even better

than a fish burrito.
home-made pizza.
awwww yeah.

tomato sauce
caramelized onions
sauteed mushrooms, peppers & italian sausage
fine herb chevre
and plenty of mozzarella

love cheat day!

a bit late posting the dare for the day.
but man oh man...
loving thepurple onion product.
michele sent me some goooorgeous product to play with.
and play i will!

06 June 2006

so close

to falling of the wagon today. i mean, i've cheated on my diet up to this point...don't get me wrong. BUT i've kept everything in moderation. i really honestly truly think that today was one of those make it or break it days. where i could have truly fallen and not gotten up. i wanted a fish burritto from taco del mar more than just about anything in the entire universe. it was making me SO grumpy. colleen (my diet & exercise partner in crime) was NO HELP. she wanted one too. ha ha!


we looked it up online. over 1000 calories in one of those suckers.
that is a whole lotta lovin.
girls...i love food.
i just do.
i wanted one.
SO BAD. (did i say that already???)
but dudes...it's tuesday! cheat day is friday! i knew i wouldn't make it through.
besides...i've had a couple of glasses of vino here and there...i just knew that if we didn't push through this ginormous brick wall that we would be done for. SO. in went the chicken..bawk bawk. off i went to safeway to fill j's prescription, return the balsamic vinegar that dren purchased yesterday for 20 something dollars and get a somewhat more moderately priced option, and pick up whole wheat organic tortillas to make our own wraps. (and i got change...like 7 bucks plus). dinner comin in at under 500 calories for the whole meal people. hell yes. i don't relly count calories or anything, but watching what i eat has definitely made me much more aware of what i'm putting into my body. that, my friends, is a VERY good thing. especially with the way my thighs and belly were expanding. and most importantly, i'm FEELING BETTER. i no longer feel like i'm getting "old". i have more energy. i'm still pretty cranky from time to time...i think it's a 5:30 lack of sustanance thing though.

anyway, enough ranting and raving from this end of the world. i want to get my scrap on. yes, again.

i think i might have a fish burritto on friday.


05 June 2006

monday already?

sigh. well, it was a great weekend. friday we went to see the da vinci code. i found it very interesting and it really got me thinking more about religion. i do not "belong" to any organized religion. i guess most of the time people are religious because of growing up "in" it; being taught to believe something. behaviours and beliefs are modelled for children, and they in turn believe and model. however, sometimes the chain gets broken, and patterns change. so, i grew up not being religious, and not learning about religion or god. and yet, since my early teen years...in fact, since i was a child with friends going to sunday school (which seemed just so fun by their descriptions), i have been curious. as a young adult, i thought that i would take religious studies and history at university. the subject fascinates me. there is something in me...as an adult i can feel it and identify with it. a spiritual component that is like a sponge...wanting to soak up information and learn, learn, learn. i try to identify with that side of myself when i can, and it feels good.

and boy, did i get my scrap on this weekend. the 1 year old party was fun. taila looked like a princes...can't wait to get through those pix and start scrapping them. for now, here are some of the pages from the album i gave my friend tanya. it was a hit :)

02 June 2006

tweezers are MIA

this is bad, people. very bad.
if i don't find them soon, i will be suffering from monobrow syndrome.
i have like 5 pairs. where are they!!??
one or two pairs are in my crafty stuff, and, well, they're covered with paint and glue and bits of paper. i don't think they'll function very well for tweezing hair anymore.

in other news, i've been madly scrapping trying to put together a whole bunch of pages for a friend's baby's 1st birthday. want to fill a book. friend would die! (of happiness) baby is named taila. you might remember seeing her a couple times recently. she is the super cute, totally adorable half-asian love muffin who we know is not my own baby (unless i happen to have been cheating on my husband, which, i assure you i have not). i suppose we could have adopted her, but there's been no adopting of children going on in my house either. i do love her almost like she's my own because she's so darn charming and gorgeous. she's got that certain something that some children seem to have that just ropes you right in to thinking you might just want another child. riiiiight. moving right along and away from THAT subject, i will do my best to get things scanned and shared before the party. it's tomorrow.

it's also friday (thank you jesus), and that means another dare is up and running for the current week! i absolutely loved it because i'm forever taking photos that are...well...totally crappy and disappointing! now we get to use them :)

and that's that. now i shall get back to work.

01 June 2006

the rain

you know when it rains, but it's still warm?
and then it stops raining, but everything is still wet.
the birds are literally singing their eyeballs out.
the grass is green, the trees are dripping.
i'm walking in a t-shirt because it's so warm.
it smells fresh and clean.
the world has been washed.
i love that.