22 March 2007

I Want Out

Out of this rut.

Today I'm feeling a tiny bit of energy seep back into my bones. And I want out. Finally! I'm glad I decided to just ride out the rut though...I think sometimes we all really need that break. I have slept a lot and really tried to just take care of me.

I loved the variety of comments and email...from pure support and love to understanding and empathy...we do all go through it from time to time. Anyone who says they're not is either lying or on drugs. And sometimes it takes more than a few hours or a day to get over. And yes, that is OK and normal, but it does suck while it's happening, doesn't it??

Tomorrow, ARTistry begins and I'm super excited! Claudine and Ali and Donna all teaching full day classes...phew! Not sure I'll have the stamina to quite make it through 3 full days of classes, but I'll be there to try for sure. Sounds like it will be amazing fun. I've got to get my stuff together for the classes! Nothing like the last minute.

Trying to concentrate on positive things to pull me out and up...and this helped a lot:

I think it was Tuesday....there was sun and we got outside for a few minutes. Got a tiny glimpse of "spring" and it was beautiful. We are almost at the point of insisting on a haircut for J, only because it's becoming totally, completely, unmanageable. He hates having the huge mats brushed out (who wouldn't) and isn't quite at the age where he will/can brush it himself. So, as much as he wants to keep it (which I think is very cool...) we will be at least trimming a good bit of it off soon. Til then, I will be enjoying it to the fullest :) Oh, and he's lost his second tooth, which is so cool! My little boy is seriously growing up before my very eyes. Isn't he SO cute!??? I'm in love...sigh.


gabbyfek said...

he is so cute.
no more growing up before i get to come back and see him again.
i hear you on ruts
and the need for spring.
love you.

Sarah said...

oh he's so adorable.
enjoy the little teeth, cause the big ones make them look, well, big. heartbreaking and wonderful all at once.

~*AMY*~ said...

LOVE his hair, just love it.
He is the cutest!
Soon the sun will be on our faces and we will be listening to the birds sing...hang in there girlie!

Kirsten said...

we can be in this life rut together.
but hey - our kids sure are cute:)
(That's all, blogger wouldn't let me comment for weeks, so now that it is I had to say something.)

Anna-Marie Still said...

He is a beautiful, beautiful boy! Love that picture of him! Have fun this weekend - hope you feel better so you can get your scrap on!

Kirsten said...

OH! and also I would like to report that I did not cry upon learning that Jaxon lost tooth number 2:)

Missy said...

awww he's GORGEOUS.
but how could he not be?
with such amazing parents ;)