27 July 2005


It's 7am and I think I went to bed about 2. This is just wrong. I have the day off and could sleep in. D's mom called about 10 minutes ago from Toronto (ummmm are we remembering the time difference here lady!!??? i know i know she's probably excited). Apparently I'm excited too because I'm pretty sure my body needed a whole lot more than 5 hours sleep. Well, my mama's coming over this morning to have a visit before we go and maybe occupy the J man if we still have stuff to do. D has these grandios plans of going to mall and shopping this morning. Whatever. Do your thing boy - you cleaned the WHOLE house and did ALL the laundry yesterday, making my packing job a whole lot easier. He could pretty much do whatever right now.

So approximately 7.5 hours left till we head for the airport. Gotta finish packing, and I really want to finish a page I started last night. So off I go.

I hope everyone has an AWESOME week and a half and I'll catch ya on the flip side (ie: August 2nd).

Peace out homies. Smooches!

26 July 2005

more pickles + the dude + ...

The dude above was supposed to be the first installment of me & renee's trip state-side. He was a cool dude. He tried to tell me the restrooms at the border were closed, but that they would open them for me. Then he turned into a traffic-control guy when things got hectic. Cutie patootie. Oh ya - and we forgot to take any other pictures. We suck.

I am eating pickles again. And then I want chocolate. I think I need to see a nutritionist.

ONE MORE WORK DAY TIL HOLIDAYS!!!!! I am so burnt and I so need a break from that place. SO. Am I weird for starting my holidays on a Wednesday? It is kinda weird I guess. Go figure :D

I hope to get lots done after work tomorrow (lists, packing)...so much that I'm totally relaxed tomorrow night and can scrap some awesome photos I printed tonight but have no energy left for. Send worker-bee vibes for lists and packing please. Send them all day and then if I feel them while I'm still at work I'll have no choice but to make lists.

THEN I get to sleep in (ie: not wake up at 5 or 6, more like 7:30 or 8:00...I must be a mother) on Wednesday morning, see my mama, maybe my dad, and have a totally relaxing day (maybe scrapping vibes for this timeslot) and then leave at 2:30 for the airport. Zoom! The last time I was on a plane was like 4 years ago. I'm excited.

24 July 2005

summer ew & the failure of the scrap mug shot

OK. Alright. It's 2:00am. 2:05 actually. I'm still awake. For some godforsaken reason I really really really needed to scrap after spending an hour printing out pictures to scrap. I could not go to bed and leave it for the morning or tomorrow night. No.

I just got back from the bathroom (yes, I had to pee). While I was in the bathroom I happened to glance at the tub. The tub is the most dirty I think I must have ever seen it. It has a black ring of gunge around it that would probably cause my friend Tanya to have a heart attack and die (knocking on wood as we speak of course). Ew. Ewwww man!! I have come to two conclusions here about my tub at 2 in the morning. 1. In summer we are dirtier, and 2. In summer I am home less, and therefore a. do not notice shit like this (ew), and b. don't clean as often.

Because I felt compelled to write about my dirty bathtub, I came here. Hmmm...I thought. I should really get a photo for my blog, as I haven't posted any photos in a few days. I wanted a shot of me, waving to you. The 2am scrappin mug shot. So I went and got my camera happening and just as I was tweaking the shot, the batteries died. I'm done...that's my sign.

I am going to bed because I do not really really really need to clean my bathroom tonight. I can do it tomorrow.

Night lovelies.

22 July 2005

snooze button and caffeine

The Snooze Button is my enemy and Caffeine is my friend. These days it's taking me approximately 28 minutes after my alarm goes off to drag my but out of bed...give or take a push of The Snooze Button. At least I can plan accordingly! I think coffee is a miracle drug and I love it alot. Just the smell makes me smile.

I hope everyone has a wonderful fantabulastic FRIDAY!!!

21 July 2005

1 hour 6 minutes til friday

i am doing so well with The List! I am not doing well at using my stash, although I must admit to one major accomplishment there. I managed to use 10 pieces of pink bazzill that I had for god knows what. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE pink, but I really seem to have a LOT of it considering I mostly scrap pretty bold and masculine pages. Anyway, used up 10 sheets, so that's good. I have crossed 3 of 5 things off The List. Why can't I accomplish more than one item a night? Please send me super powers now. So due to lack of depletion of stash, I must limit my purchases to "must have" items and "never seen that before and it's amazing and we probably won't ever get it in canada" type items. Oh and anything at Target. We don't have Target here. I love Target. I remember driving to Bellingham with my sister when I was like 13 and being really excited to get neon green Extra gum. We never go that in Canada. We don't have Mrs. Butterworth's syrup either, and D loves that syrup. I will have to remember to get some of that. I am totally rambling. I'm going to watch The First 48 and go to bed.

Smooches girly girls.

19 July 2005


It's 10:30pm. I'm on the computer. I have a lot to do. Today. And tomorrow. And the next day. We leave for Toronto one week from tomorrow. I have some plans this week and I have to try to do something about my time-managements skills. Ha. Well, I'll try. By the time I go to the States on Sunday with Renee, I want to be caught up on all my projects. That way I can have some stress-free fun and have depleted my stash sufficiently enough to justify purchases at whatever heaven of a scrapbook store she's taking me to. I have just announced a goal. Hmmm. That gives me Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I think I can do it. I'm gonna try.

Have an EFFIN fabulous hump day tomorrow yall.
(I'm not in the EFF club but the above EFF is in support of the EFFERS who mighta felt a bit slammed on today with the high drama).

:D Cheers!

18 July 2005

Girlfriends on Friday BBQ on Saturday Baseball on Sunday and Boys the whole time.

Thank god. There's nothing like a good freekend weekend to cheer a girl up. This weekend cheered me up to no end. Friday I had a "meeting" with some other ladies in my co-op. It was officially known as the "party to plan the party" because we (the membership Comiittee) are planning a summer social for our building. We ran out of time at our last wine and cheese meeting, so we planned an even finer date for this past Friday night. Thank god for my girls. You can see us POSING (i'm on the right).

We had a BBQ with some neighbours (they live 2 doors down the walkway). It's great to be able to go home and grab a burger out of the freezer because J couldn't wait for steak...or go back again for ice cream as a bribery to please let mummy and daddy finish their dinners...we know it's 8:00...sorry baby...eat your ice cream. See him ciao down. Lil buddy.

Sunday...baseball at a park next to the beach. Fun fun fun. Another BBQ...some sports (I took pictures). I'm not entirely useless, but I felt like being useless that day. Lil buddy brought his own bat. Gotta love it.

Thanks for your kind words and virtual hugs - felt every single one.

Summer kicks ass!

15 July 2005

mean people suck

i had a horrible day. it's turned out ok. i'm not mad or sad anymore, but just wiped. totally spent. emotionally drained. physically exhausted.

i wrote a long long journal entry earlier today and it's amazing how writing calms me and really helps me clear my head.

today i got sucked into the black hole of jerkyness that is a particular person and it hasn't happened in a long time. i felt upset...partly because of the situation, but mostly because succumbing to my own previous irrational, emotional, angry, negative ways. i got sucked in and played on his level. i spoke before i thought.

the lack of compassion, lack of understanding that some people have and show on a regular basis really astounds me. have they never held a mirror up to look at the damange they are causing to a fellow human being? Unbelievable. I suppose the answer must be no...or maybe yes, but they are so socially damaged or inept themselves that they don't see the problem...or don't care.

mean people suck.

i vow to work on giving people the benefit of the doubt, treat them with kindness and gentleness. including the one person who's behaviour today brought on the adrenaline, the emotional reaction and the above-noted horrible day. i will be the bigger person. i will try my best to remember to ::breathe::

14 July 2005

Late night

I've developed a habit of coming alive creatively at night. I'm not sure that's a great thing, but it's the way it is right now. I tried...I really tried to get down to business early - like 5. D offered to be on J duty and everything. But I was having a lot of fun hanging out with ladies from my building outside with their babies and watching J play with all the other cool kids who live in our building as well. It was sunny, we shared a cooler in wine glasses with ice (mmm...so refreshing) and just chatted and watched the blissful children playing with sticks.

So then, we ordered Chinese for dinner. I am SO not a fan of cooking during the summer it seems. Too hot. No time/energy to grocery shop. No energy to harass D into doing it. No worries - he'll do it when we actually run out of food.

Then it was after dinner. I cleaned up from dinner...and yes, it was hard work putting all those containers of leftovers in the fridge! Then I piddled a bit on the comp...couldn't pull myself away. Then it was bathtime. Now it's bedtime and D is still on duty...putting the lil munchkin to bed. But I'm STILL not GOING. Not yet. I do have pix printed out. I have done a little bit on something else I'm working on. I'm just not quite there yet - not quite ready. I'm gonna take a break, go over to a neighbour's, and maybe have a beer and a decent adult conversation. I told her I wasn't going to go over because I had "work" to do (non-scrappers do NOT understand "I have to scrap"...they just don't) but then I thought...maybe a mental break will be just the kick-start I need. Then, I *might* just have the energy I need/so badly want...to do a page.

Tomorrow is Friday - woooooooo hooooooo! LUV Fridays!!!

13 July 2005

she bangs!

I went today and got me some bangs. My fairly new, streaked, potentially rocker-esque (if i "do" it, insert roll eye here) 'do' was becoming boring. I always have it up, outta my way, and it's just become blah. Usually when I feel that way I go back and get it re-dyed a different colour, or cut right off or something extreme like that. But today I got bangs. I like my bangs. I'm happy I got them. Now I'm forced to wash my hair every single day, and maybe even DO it once in a while. If not, hey...it's fun to have the bangs. They'll make the frumpy pony tail or inspirational bun (more on this later) cuter.

Jaxon at the mall was fun. He had oodles of energy - I'm thinking that was the chocolate-dipped ice cream cone he had. At some points it was a bit nuts (oh the screaming..."that is your OUTSIDE voice!!" (oh ya - I guess I was screaming too). D definitely didn't have much patience for it today...JJ lost his watch-a-movie-when-you-get-home-from-daycare priviledges for tomorrow for not listening, and then got them reinstated by promising to "be a good boy" (his words) and "listen" (our words) all the way home. Ha. Dad's such a pushover.

Happy Hump day all. Two more work days left. Right ON!

12 July 2005

dinner out

I love having dinner out with a friend (or 4). Reminds me of my "youth" lol. I laugh out loud because I still sorta feel like a "youth". Am I a grown up now? Or maybe I'm somewhere in the middle...at least mentally. I took the bus downtown to meet my friend Karen, who I haven't seen in over a year. We used to work together and keep in touch mostly by email. And, about once a year, it seems, we manage to get it together (read: I (me) get it together!!) enough to meet up in person.

Even the bus ride down was entertaining. I sat and people-watched and tried (not very hard) to not eavesdrop (sp? oh whatever) on a conversation two teenage girls were having right beside me. As the bus sped up going over the Granville St. Bridge and the wind blew and I had a view of the water, the mountains, and downtown all at once, I took a deep breath and smiled. It just made me feel good. We got into the core of downtown and all of the familiar (but in a new way) sites and sounds became apparent.

So many thoughts went through my head. ::hmm...lots of new shops it looks like...i'd like to come back and check them out::wow am i ever glad that i don't come and hang out here every single friday and saturday night anymore::man people are interesting...and weird...and hot...and not...and loud...and sad...happy...mad...crazy...(it goes on and on that part)::I had to walk a few blocks to the restaurant and it was fun and it made me happy. Interestingly enough, I didn't feel uncomfortable or anxious once...I'm just realizing that as I type. I didn't even THINK about that. Cool. Very cool

So...I'm walking along the street with crazy amounts of people and noise everywhere, cars honking and all jammed up, not being anxious (woo hoo). I saw a million things I wanted to buy, or at least several windows that needed to be seriously scoped. I walked to Robson and Thurlow, turned right on Thurlow, and felt good because I was only about 10 minutes late. I couldn't find the bloody restaurant anywhere! It had disappeared! Thank god for 7-11 and semi-geographically-knowledgeable clerks, because she was able to point me in the right direction ("it's not here anymore"::"no, i realize that, but where did it go? my friend told me this intersection"::"oh ya...over there...that way") and let's just say I'm glad she pointed. Found the restaurant, found Karen, and had a great chat, lots of laughs, and some nummy food.

I had sushi for lunch too. :P

Peace out yall.

11 July 2005

i've gone and done it

Go figure. Taken the royal plunge into blogdom. On the day I have about 5 million,5 hundred thousand and 5 things to do. This was on The List though, so I still get to cross something off::woo hoo! But on the boo boo (!) side of things I may just be avoiding the rest of The List. Hmm. Today is Monday. It's an OK day, but it's Monday. Mondays I have a tendency to feel tired, blah...Mondayish. Grey grey day weather-wise. On the bright side I gave JJ airplane rides on my feet over and over again and we laughed our heads off. That always feels good.

And the next bright spot is that tomorrow is Tuesday. I really like the word Tuesday...and Tuesday is one day closer to Wednesday (aka HUMP day!!)and that means really the weekend is almost here. Almost.
Now I must tackle more of The List. Mwah!