09 March 2007

out on sick leave

Not my sick leave, but my kids!

Just a little FYI...schedule is hectic this week. Juggling taking care of Jaxon, working, life, etc. So thankful my mama is around to help out. Anyway, that's where I am, that's where I've been, and that's why I'm absent!

Please send healthy healing thoughts for the Jax...I honestly don't think he's ever been this sick before.

Will update when things settle down.



Christina said...

HUGE healthy hugs coming from us to the little man. You can tell him that Lulu needs a cuddle, when he's better he can come over for a movie and kitty kat time =)

Hugs girly... take care of him and YOURSELF too!

gabbyfek said...

ooooooooooooh sweetie
i am concerned about him
sending y'all hugs and love.
so much of both.

Ingunn said...

Aaw, I'm so sorry your son isn't better yet :(

*sending healing vibes*

Caroline said...

oh no
hope he feels better soon!

Dustanne said...

hope he is doing better. I shall keep him in my prayers.
It is good to 'see' ya, and hope you take care as well.