02 March 2007

I love you Adrian.

I can't even talk about how ridiculous it's been at work. I started the day with 14 dockets on my desk, and when I left after an hour and a half of overtime and not much of a break there were still 14. Not the same 14, mind you...I had made some progress, but wow. Oh...I wasn't going to talk about it. Hee! I'll stop. Now.

I feel like a robot sometimes on these Fridays. TGIF, work done for the weekend and it's dare day. Well, I'm not feeling so hot today, so I'm sorry, I'm going to be boring and do more of the same!

This week's dare was sponsored by Mandarin Pixie and the work we did is of course on the dare site and on Jennifer's MP Blog. I got the super awesome big alphabet called Amphion Outline. It's so much fun to work with. It looked so cool in a big flexible yummy red rubber sheet with an outline...I had the urge to stamp the whole thing onto a page. But then I realized I got the dare wrong (doh!) and had to re-do it. Oy. All I really want to do lately is scrap (have I mentioned that already?) so it really wasn't a problem. I just really wanted to colour the stamps in too. With shading. I spose I was in a shady mood.

This first one is my mistake page. Title: Dem Gals...Dren always says "dem gals" in a Jamaican accent and I love it. The "gals" is kinda hard to see but I swear it's there. And yes, the big stamping block is crooked, and I love it.

This one is the "real" dare page. Dare was The Question You're Afraid to Ask and I really really really love this one. It can be interpreted in any way, shape, or form. Everyone should remember that about the Dares. It doesn't have to be deep and powerful. Lots of them can be interpreted with humour or about someone else. Doesn't always have to be about you, you know. Hee! I'm pretty pleased with the way my page turned out. I painted on it, then applied the photo and bits and pieces. Stamped part of the title over and shaded those big juicy letters in with a pencil. Yep...just a regular pencil that I stole...ahem...borrowed, from Jax. In the turquoise pocket is a little note. It reads:
The other day I was looking at the insane mess I make with my scrapbooking habit. I have taken over our enire dining area and the table is covered at least 90% of the time. There is always crap on the floor; sometimes so much that we can't help but trip on it. But you don't mind...
Besides the occasional joke about the last time we had a meal at the table, you never give me a hard time. I absolutely love scrapbooking and it's a huge part of my life. In fact, it's my part-time job as well now, so your support mean the world to me. You are an amazing husband. But I am scared to find out if you'll always be as supportive of my creative side as you are today. xoxo g

PS. He read the note and he said "yes, of course I will".

Love him.


Missy said...

ooh that Dren's a good one ;)
keep him around... for a long long time :)

Alissa said...

you have an amazing guy there!
i think he might be a keeper, eh? :)
love the pages!


gloriarose said...

Such a sweet hubby.
I love this LO.
The photo is amazing.

ania said...

Aw. How cute! Am looking forward to do this dare. I *am* gonna do it! :)

***tiffany said...

Love the little note to you husband. I have a whole room, and sometimes you just have to wonder, not just about scrapbooking, but the big picture. Will he always love me THIS MUCH? Creative people are so hard to put up with sometimes, ya know? The way you journal always imspires me.

Renee said...

aww, he's so great!! :)
great pages.
and yay for the weekend!

Caroline said...

awww. so sweet.
looove the scraps.

~*AMY*~ said...

Love the lo's girl!
You have such awesome talent.

DBird said...

i saw your pages on the dares blog. ohh man, they're gorgeous!!