31 July 2006


holy smokes.
i have watched some incredible films over the past little while.
all made by thinkfilm.

last week, watched

totally incredible.
before the film, there was a trailer for

so i watched that over the weekend.
SO SAD. but incredible. amazing. informative. moving.
and in a trailer on that dvd, was reminded of a movie i've been meaning to see for ages...since before last year's oscars, in fact...

what a gorgeous wonderful amazing sad heartfelt happy crazy movie.
i'm loving this company, that makes such important documentaries.
people should see movies like this.
they make you think, and make you want to be a better person.

after going to the website today, i realize there are two other movies i've seen by the same company "murderball" and "spellbound"...also great great films.

totally busy at work and trying to get the suite in our building filled (TODAY), but life is fairly good. more to share...soon.

28 July 2006

more good

sushi and sake were SO good. i took a business card and chopsticks so i could scrap it, since i forgot my camera. the restaurant was packed and the owner was treating us very well since 3 of the girls we were with are industry people and knew him. sake and edamame in the "lounge". just a little tipsy by the time we got out table (an HOUR and FIFTEEN MINUTES after arriving). but we were able to preorder the food while in the "lounge" and it came with quickness. the atmosphere of the place was so awesome - totally contemporary asian...dark wood, lots of rice paper and clean lines. great vibe. we then went and shook our booties for a little bit at another restaurant to an awesome mixture of house, latin and hip hop beats. i haven't been out dancing in AGES...felt so so good. i can't believe at one point in my life i was going out 2-3 times a week. yikes!

today we had a lazy morning (slept in til 8:00ish) and then made our way out to chuck-e-cheese in langley. the boys (jaxon and carmichael) had so much fun playing, and colleen and i brought more than enough reading material. they do this cool thing where they give the parents and the kids in a group a numbered stamp, and they don't let kids leave without an adult with the same black-light-inked stamp. so you can somewhat relax and not have to worry about whether your kid has left the building at every moment. so we took turns tending to them, getting food, drinks, etc. and relaxing. very good.

now i'm home, and scrapping is definitely on the agenda for the evening.

and last but definitely not least, we posted the new dare today. seriously cool...i hope that a lot of people take the time to think about it, journal about it, scrap it if you've the time and the motivation...but at the very least think about it for a few moments.

what does scrapping mean to you?

we all have different reasons for why we take part in this hobby/passion/craft/whatever you like to call it. it was really nice to take the time to reflect on my reasons. and i will like to see if and how those reasons change over the years.

27 July 2006

good good stuff

day off.
hot coffee.
new restoration hardware HOME catalogue in the mail.
cold case files on A&E.

this email from a customer yesterday:
"I really struggle with forms, computers, regulations,
and official stuff sometimes... (most times) -j-"
it made me laugh :)

girls' night out tonight.
sake and sushi.

26 July 2006

so lucky

i love him.
and it's my friday :)

25 July 2006

heat wave

it is HOT here!
not supposed to be this hot on the Pacific Coast...crazyness!
i don't want to complain too much, but i have been a bit lethargic.
today will be a crazy day at work, trying to get all caught up for the trainee coming in tomorrow and covering for me thursday and friday. tomorrow is my friday. can't wait!

23 July 2006

albums + cha(less)

i have been thinking so much lately about making "albums". Not like mini albums, but albums, that are open, and on-going. For things that are currently happening in my life, and seem to be ongoing(ly) repeating themselves in my life.

such as:
-self-talk (i was doing this for a while, then stopped. i shouldn't stop this. ever)
-gen-isms or such. things i say. recently inspired by the dares and having SUCH a hard time coming up with something. uh. hello!??? there are a TON of Things I Say.
-pain. yep. it's there. and it needs to get dealt with.
-my journey through depression and anxiety. yes. it's there too. it's what i talked about briefly, have hinted about (and majorly put OUT there in Freestyle when I did the page "Panic"). what better way to get through it, live it, deal with it, and...well...who-knows-what it than to scrap it?
-things i want you to know (or some such seblance of these words as a title)...i want to give advice to jaxon as i learn lessons in life.
-what i want you to know. i want this album to be stuff that i think of...small or large, that i want dren to know. stuff i think, feel, or do....that he might not have any clue about otherwise (men can be pretty clueless sometimes, you know...)
-childhood memories. i recently did a project where i thought a lot about my childhood. i want to remember those years. REALLY. i want to be able to look back always and remember them, but i also want jaxon and his family and/or future generations to be able to look back and learn about me. maybe i can even get dren in on this one.
-favourite wines. YES. i ALWAYS try a wine...go "OMG that was SO good" and promptly forget the very complicated foreign language name (i suck at french, italian and chilean, to be exact). whatever...that's just an excuse. my memory sucks and i never write them down. so this is my new plan. wine is a wonderful thing.

speaking of....

tonight, i had dinner at my mum's house with two amazing friends, colleen and shelome. she made lamb, straight from saturna island. shelome made a sauce, using some of the red wine. we also had grilled vegies, salad, yummy breads & crackers & dips as appies...potatoes, bean salad...and yes, gorgeous wine, chosen especially to complement the food.

tonight, i feel lucky and blessed.

wonderful weekend. i'm looking forward to my 3 days of work, and 4 day weekend, starting this coming thursday.

oh right! and i'm feeling a teeny tiny twinge over seeing photos of some awesome friends having fun @ cha...kinda wishing i was there, but kinda enjoying the sideline action as well. i hope you all have SO much fun!


21 July 2006

yipee yi yo

it's friday!
i'm a happy happy girl.

a few people have asked about the stores i visit.
it's true, there aren't many in my area.
but a good not-so-local scrap store is worth a little travel time right?

my all-time favouritest store ever is in washington. yes, that's right. across the border. depending on border lineup (go with a friend...you won't even notice...right renee?) it takes about 1.5 to 2 hours give or take from vancouver.

Treasury of Memories
while all scrap stores make my heart skip a beat, this store makes it flutter.
i LOVE the environment. the staff are friendly and helpful, the sheer volume of product is amazing, but best of all they carry the latest and greatest of what i love, plus tons of unique and interesting stuff. yep. love 'em.

the others that i visit are:

Precious Memories in langley (which is the store i was at earlier this week with the kick ass paper sale)...and may i just mention that tonight and tomorrow they are having 2 for 1 idea books AND 50% off EK success (and they have some super cute stickers!)...yikes! i might have to go back!

Photo Express in Maple Ridge (they have an awesome abundance of product...like seriously AWESOME). also a photo developer & camera store. dangerous :)

Making Memories with Scrapbooking...a teeny tiny little store on Hastings in Burnaby that is packed with goodies. Super friendly staff here too.


Scrapbook Warehouse. although i don't visit this store very often, it's nice to have a store that is close by if i'm in a pinch for adhesive, and their selection of bazzill is rockin. they focus more on traditional scrapbooking and not so much on carrying the latest and greatest product. and that is understandable...there is a market for that! it's not me...cuz i'm wild and crazy and i have a shopping problem with a passion for anything new and delicious...but hey, it's totally for some!

and i think that's about it!

oh...and it's dare day. you might recognize the photo on my page from my blog post a while back. i had printed one out and then i spilled coffee on it, so it landed on a piece of cardstock that i had cut out the zig-zaggy edge from to use for something else, got paint and glue on it, threw in the garbage, and then pulled out to use for table protection while painting something else, then used as a plaything/experiment because i just felt like spreading some gesso and paint around...and voila! it was fun.

oh and another thing...
i've been thinking about colour. rather, lack thereof in a lot of my projects. i've realized i'm a pretty neutral, monotone kinda girl when it comes to art. that said, i LOVE colour and i want to start experimenting more and using it more. last weekend i was playing around and used a bit. loved it. felt so good to just play around...no pressures, no assignments, just playing. felt so good to use BLUE ink for stamping instead of black or brown. felt SO good.

i guess i kinda had a lot to say.
thanks for hanging out!
sending tons of love out to all of you.

20 July 2006

i love surprises :)

so, we have some focus issues here, but oh well right!? i think the names are readable...
jaxon was quite willing to participate in the drawing, but not quite as willing to sit *still* for it :)
(oh, and please excuse the snot and dirty fingernails, k? thanks.)

the freestyle books will go in the mail tomorrow if i get your addies (email me!) and the others...WELL...it's a surprise...and i'm just waiting a smidgen longer to see if it will work out...

and the winners are...

jodi & tami email me your addies!
wendy - YES i know i know i have to email you!!! and i WILL.
missy - hee hee. you'll be gettin email too.

thursday that feels like a friday

so, you can imagine my disappointment each time i realize it is actually only thursday!

random good stuff:

went scrapbook shopping.
first time in MONTHS (not kidding)
can't beat 40% off all paper/cardstock
AND a 3 for 2 rubons sale. hello!!!?
now all i want to do is scrap
cannot WAIT to dig into those delicious brown paper bags.


chai tea lattes.

old goodies made new again via re-discovery.

kind people/good friends.

inspiration and motivation.

a garden bouquet in a mason jar from my sister.

keep posting for goody rakness...mail love drawing is tonight!

19 July 2006

i suck

at getting to the post office.
i really really really just do.
i am now driving to work every day because


he is now a bus-driver-in-training.
awesome, awesome, awesome news for him, for us...awesome.
he's so happy :)
and he rides the bus free. i can too, but hey...the car is available, so i drive it.

what does this have to do with getting to the post office you ask?
i can drive there. hee hee. on my lunch break.
yay! i love being able to do errands during the day.


i finally sent the books out yesterday...for that uhm freestyle drawing i did like 5 billion years ago. (insert blushing smiley here) i'm sorry it took me so long.

but i think now i'm on a roll. and i HAVE to go to the post office again this week, so i want to send off some more love. if you DON'T have freestyle yet, post here :) if you DO have freestyle, post here :)

it's RAK time lovies.


oh and also i just have to say as september and kindergarten (he's SO excited) get nearer, i'm thinking more and more about how big he's getting.

sigh. love this boy.

18 July 2006

happy birthday sweet & crazy nisa


and kirsten is the sweetest to include me in your suprise-o.
what an awesome idea.
and i LOVED doing this page for you.
i don't know if i'll give it to you or not.
i want to keep it.
is that bad?

love ya girl!

14 July 2006

fun friday

thanks for the kind words...you are wonderful.

a fun one for today...

12 July 2006

thinking, reflecting and processing.

Today, i read in ali's life artist newsletter about melody ross's blog. I checked it out, and was impressed with the open direction she has taken. Talking about the real, the raw, the difficult stuff, right alongside the good stuff. Well, hey...really, it's all good isn't it?

Since reading, I've been thinking. I don't want to leave out the mad, bad and sad (to quote Melody). I rarely journal these days, except for here and in my scrapbooks. Although there are people reading this (and that's what makes it different from a book that I keep in my underwear drawer or wherever), I do feel a certain sense of anonymity. I don't always know WHO is reading...and while I totally appreciate when people leave comments...(it is part of why I do this online instead of in a private notebook)...I am really doing this because I get something out of notating my life this way. I am so happy to be keeping a regular journal of any kind. It's easy to do, and it's fun. But I do want it to be a true reflection of who I am, not just the latest project, photo, or cute thing my kid did. I want to look back at my archives and remember TRULY what was going on...what I was thinking about life, and what I was feeling.

Not only do I want to look back and remember the truth...I want my family to know the truth about me.

I do have a story to share...a burden in my life that I haven't shared completely (there have been hints along the way, mind you) and I think I'm getting closer to writing it down. I'm a procrastinator, you see...and so I can always find an excuse to leave it for later. But really, I'm just scared. I'm getting closer though. Definitely. And honestly...I think a huge weight will be lifted if I can just figure out what to say and how to say it.

11 July 2006

onesday, twosday...

Must scrapbook this, but for now i'll document it quickly here so i don't forget. This morning Jaxon and I are talking, and it takes me a minute to clue in.

J: "is it Tuesday today?"
me: "yes"
J: is it show-and-tell day today?
m: yes
J: you know what (insert some unintelligible garbled words here) call it?
m: what?
J: ONESday
m: huh? who said that?
J: me.
m: sorry...what did you say?
J: onesday...
m: OOOHHHHH....ONESday, TWOsday...
J: (smiles) yeah!
m: THREESday, FOURsday, FIVEsday...
J: SIXday...SIXday is SATURDAY.
m: you're good...that's really good!

and we have a little giggle.

09 July 2006


351. The number of photos taken yesterday. A fine, fine day.

I'm falling in love with photography, and last night was the first time I have mentioned outloud possibly upgrading my camera since I upgraded last, exactly one year ago. Hmmm. Dangerous. It won't be happening for a while, that's for sure. For now, my lil Canon Powershot S2IS is suiting me just fine with its 12x zoom and beautiful shots (as long as there's enough light). But I can only imagine what the results might be with a finer machine. Imagination is good, right? :)

We headed down to Jericho Beach and the surrounding fields to play softball and hang out.

First, some of us went for a stroll on the beach:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The view of downtown from the beach:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

A container ship (yes, this is the reason, amongst others, why the waters are BROWN) in the waters just off the beach, with the North Shore in the distance:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We headed back to our spot at the baseball field.
I didn't get a shot of the fish & chips from the beach concession. Damn they were good. I haven't eaten fish & chips in a LONG time. Yum.

Meet Chantal:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And dirty Jaxon:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

They played bacci:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

J shows off his belly button(he was actually showing me his mosquito bites):
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Chantal offers me a blueberry:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

J shows me the maple leaf he picked for me:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Meet Jade (The parents of this girl are in danger of losing her when I decide to proceed with my plot to kidnap her)(don't worry, I've informed them of my plan):
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And her cousin, Cheyeanne, who is beautiful, sweet, and takes such wonderful care of her:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Jades brother, Nicholas:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And other brother, Nathan:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Uncle E:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Molly (take note: Coach collar !!??? Hee hee):
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Friend Tracy and sister (aunty) Aley:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Chantal being cute:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

D being silly:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Aley & J play ball:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Aley & J write notes to eachother in the sand. J's note says "you are the best aunty ever".:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The boys play bacci:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

D being a hottie:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And a couple more of the beauties:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

After shooting like crazy yesterday and having some cooperative (and some not so) subjects, I thought it would be really great to take photos of families for a living. But of course, I would need to upgrade for THAT to happen ;)

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend.

07 July 2006

oh finally finally...

getting my groove back (i think).
life has been so busy, and i haven't been creating.
then i try, and i can't. it just doesn't come.
but i'm feeling it again. hopefully more this weekend.
i relaxed and went with the flow for this week's DARE.
the page is a bit strange...a bit fragmented...
but that's what seems to happen when i'm trying to get back into the swing of things.

SO happy it's friday. i hope you are too.

(it's readable, ya?)

05 July 2006

colourful, fun, yummy weekend

*...can i just say that i kind of left out a part of the description of the situation with jaxon in yesterday's post. right before i yelled at him, he hit me. hard. i am totally not justifying my reaction or my behaviour (hello, adult), but i read back what i wrote and realized it sounded a little more one-sided than it was. the rest of yesterday and this morning were great. we talked about it again last night and he's (so far - ha!) been listening really well. (exhale)

i know it's wednesday (already!), but i'm still on a high from our long weekend.
we mostly hung around home, but that is such a joy in and of itself.
we have fabulous neighbours in our building...really good friends.
there are lots of kids who get along and play together.
scooters, skateboards, bikes, running, toys, water...it all went on this weekend.
one of the adult friends is a chef.
runs a resaurant specializing in modern mexican...the menu is to die for.
she's been doing a whole lotta cookin for a group of us...YUM.
on sunday we had a BBQ...steak, potatoes, corn, and the best part of all
(that was not cooked on the actual grill)
CRAB (x14)

good times. such good times.
i LOVE summer.
cool dragonfly lights huh?

04 July 2006

wake up call

this morning i got SO frustrated with jaxon.we had a fight.i lost my temper.i feel really awful.

he's been going through this testing-the-waters/independence thing; we have to ask him to do things at least 3 times...usually more like 4 or 5. it's really hard to deal with. i've been making sure to pull him aside and explain in a calm and rational way how important it is that he listens to us, and that he acknowledge what we say with "yes" or "no" or at least some sort of indication that he is not just being incredibly rude and ignoring us. each time, it seems like it's sunk in. then it happens again. NOT GOOD when it's morning and we're already rushing (well, ok, i'm the only one rushing) to get out of the house.

by time #3 this morning, i was done. i totally lost my temper and yelled right in his face and there were big, real, you-hurt-my-feelings tears (his, not mine...not yet). i took a deep breath and felt the guilt set in like a load of bricks. we sat and talked and i held him and apologized and then all was well. i need to practice patience or figure out a different technique or something. because if this behaviour is going to continue (which i seriously hope it doesn't) i will have to deal with it differently.

on the way to school, we made a plan to do something fun together. i asked him to pick something special for just the two of us to do next saturday. after reviewing the days of the week via the days of the week song that taught him the names of the days, we got back on track and he chose for him and mama to go to the park. i can't wait.

happy 4th to all my US buddies! (i'm working, but had yesterday off for canada day, which was saturday, so happy belated canada day as well!) i'll post about my awesome weekend later...after my temporary bad parent guilt fades.

02 July 2006

today is her day

i *heart* my g1.
"met" her randomly thru cyber-pea-scrap-blog-dom.
briefly (so briefly it never really happened) battled over the "g".
she became the g1 to my g2. i became the g2 to her g1.
whatever way you look at it, we bonded.
bonded before we met.
then we met.
i don't even think we really knew it or expected it.
but it happened.
and i'm so grateful.
she twinkles like a star.
i love my g1.
happy birthday g1!!!

and p.s. i couldn't help but post an ode to the ass photo. g1 has such a cute lil behind, and such cute jeans...i couldn't help it. and i AM going to scrap it still. i just haven't figured out the perfect page for it yet. this butt needs a brilliant plan. (we love her)