01 March 2007

dentist? check.

Went this morning. Oh joy. Have to go back in a couple weeks. Double oh joy.

Moving right along, skinny jeans are one fad I can say without a doubt are NOT a fad made for every body. I don't want to be mean, but please. Come on. And that's all I have to say about that.

I have a little piece of exciting news! I will be teaching at the Canada's Scrapbooking Crop For Kids even being held here in Vancouver(ish) in October. I know, that's a long way away, but these guys have been at it as far as planning goes since like summer of 2006 and they were probably talking about it months even before that! Amazing people. I met Trisha in California and have been corresponding regularly with Nicole, who is the Vancouver coordinator. They're both great people and this is going to be such a great even with a wonderful cause. Kids. I love kids. I think that the group of women coordinating all came together through 2peas because of having sick kids in common (well, and scrapbooking of course!) and formed a friendship, leading them here. AMAZING! Scrapbooking is just crazy that way.

So, they asked me last summer and of course I said yes (although it was over a year away at that point!). Now we're getting into serious planning stages and I'm getting ready to put together my projects. I'll be teaching two classes and unless something happens between now and then, that will be my first ever teaching gig! I'm nervous, but not that nervous because it's still like...over 6 months away. Check back with me then ;)

I do want to share news about some of the sponsors I've rounded up for donations to my kits. I'm so excited to make these kits and the projects totally kick-ass. So, so far, I've got:

It's going to be sooooo fun!! So who lives in/around Vancouver? Who would take a class that I was teaching (yikes...I hope people want to sign up!)? If you live somewhere else (ahem, Gabby) and you want to come and sleep in Jaxon's bunk under the moon and stars tent.......???


gabbyfek said...

i am so in
i think it is partially MY moon and stars tent.
yeah i do!

gabbyfek said...

ruby dog's?!?!
AND the tent?
i'm definitely in now.... ;)

bcjennyp said...

So exciting. I'm volunteering for the event, if you need a little gopher for your class, I'll do it!
Also- I heart Ruby Dog's. Fave Van store easily. Can't wait for the Lazar addition to it. And Lee-Anne said she is getting your paper very soon. Yay.

Alissa said...

oh, i so want to be there!
let me know when and where to sign up! :)


Nisssssa said...

I am working on getting my baby brother to change the date of his wedding so I can come.
And I will snuggle with Gabs in the tent if necessary.
just fyi.

sarah said...

That ruby dogs store?
oh now that sounds like fun!

I'd love to come up for your classes and the event...I've always wanted to go to BC - hmmm....might just have to plan a girls trip up North in the fall! :)

~*AMY*~ said...

Oh gosh, I'd LOVE to come but I wont be able to....so sad, seriously