29 June 2007

damn girl

by JT is the bomb-diggity. Everything is the bomb-diggity these days. That's what Jaxon thinks, and that's what I think so it must be true. He's been incessantly watching Shark Tale. So that means he's talking like a Jamaican jellyfish, or sometimes like his father. This morning he told me that on a field trip with his class he said to a kid "yo mon, wha do you rude yout?" (ie: yo man, why'd you do that you rude youth?)(or something) I'm not exactly a speaker of Jamaican patwa, but hearing my 5 year old pick up phrases that I normally hear from my husband is both bizarre and hilarious all at the same time. And I seem to slowly be picking them up myself.

So I was going through old baby photos of J (the kind I used to get printed in hard copy at the photo finishing place) and scanned a bunch cause I want to start scrappin' 'em. Sweet dude. Now for some printage this weekend and we'll be in business. How is THIS one for a heart-breaker!? He must have been super fresh (like a month at the most) here and he only slept on us. Talk about serious bonding time. And how do you like the leopard-spotted fuzzy blanket? Don't be jealous.

Tonight I'm heading over to Christina's house for pizza and also to dig her out from piles and piles of product that need to be packed and shipped. Jaxon and Carmichael will come and chase the Lulu kitty and watch Bluray discs on T's playstation. They will be in heaven.

Happy Canada Day! If you're not from Canada, head on up. We have Monday off.

Today I'm grateful for Friday and long weekends. (duh).

28 June 2007

he's done!

As of today at 11:15am, Jaxon is officially graduated from kindergarten. What a little pumpkin. He's worked so hard and it's paying off. He's reading, writing, and has hugely improved fine motor skills. I was able to drop him off today for his last day (which meant we had such a nice, slow morning together) and his wonderful teacher handed me a huge folder filled with all sorts of his work from January on. Stories and pictures and his reading folder. A poetry book and bits and pieces of math (counting, measuring, sorting). Brought a grin to my cheeks and a giggle to my throat. And just a tiny tear to my eye. I'm very, very proud today.

For teachers everywhere who care about children and do their best to help them learn. You amaze me.

27 June 2007

wednesday shall be bitch day

I have been very upbeat and positive and while I think that's a great thing and positive thinking and critical thinking have helped me (a lot) I don't want to fool anyone into thinking that I am always happy-bubbly-go-lucky girl. Anyone who has read my blog more than for the past week would know that anyway. But still. While I'm on the "upswing" I would like to keep a realistic perspective. I get grumpy, I have PMS, I'm a total klutz and things piss me off. So while thinking about how irritated I was this morning and having funny witty things to say to Josh (my co-worker) about our wonderful clients, I realized that I can get it out and not have it be a total downer. It is not all good in the hood.

Bitch Wednesdays are born.

I am such a klutz that it really doesn't phase me much when I whack my (insert applicable body part here) on (insert applicable hard item here, usually a door frame, railing, cupboard door, desk, car steering wheel, etc.). I just say "ow" or "ouch" and move on. Today I have an unusually sore spot on the part of my hand that is hard (not the palm but the back do we call it?)...nearly where it meets the wrist. I examine it. There is no huge amount of swelling or a bruise really, but mousing makes it hurt and so does pressing on it (trying to figure out exactly what is going on there). I vaguely remember whacking it on something and rubbing it really hard. Yes, I'm sure that's what happened. I have bruises all over my legs. Usually not shin ones like Jaxon gets - mine are more desk level and bum level. Those would be bum bruises then, not leg ones. I realize that.

I have a headache today and I don't feel like taking anything for it. I'm such a pill-popper and today I'm seeing if lots of water will do the trick. What a matyr.

Some people are so dumb. Talking with customers on the phone who don't know their own project title (as in, filling out order forms, asking "project title? what's that?"). Listen mister...if you don't know what the project is called, you probably a) should not be allowed to do said project, or b) should not be in charge of filling out order forms for said project. If you are over 15 and can read, I should not have to help you fill out the order forms. Seriously.

My house is a friggin disaster and while I want it to be clean I have no desire (and I mean none) to clean it. Normally I'm a cleaner. If it's messy to the point of bugging me, I clean. I no longer bitch and nag and insist we split up the chores into some sort of regular routine. Let's face it - he needs a uniform to wear to work and my supply of clothes is practically endless (well, it won't run out before his will, anyway) so he gets stuck with the laundry and that's a pretty big chore. The rest just isn't worth fighting over. Maybe I'll clean today when I get home. But also maybe not.

I have no childcare for before and after school come September. I'm seriously stressing.

I would much rather be at home playing. I surfed a bit this morning and read blogs and totally procrastinated and wasted time. I should probably get back to work, but really all I want to do after receiving mountains of inspiration is go home. To my messy house. Put on my headphones and drown myself in a bucket of gesso and paper.

Gratitude ('cause even pissed off people can be grateful)
Today, I'm grateful that my seriously dirty hair looks really cute all piled on top of my head. At least, I think so.

26 June 2007


AWESOME weekend.
Here is a brief summary in poor-quality photos.
(I spent much more time actually enjoying the experience than capturing it)

cool shot that Colleen got on the way down

the suite. high ceilings, fireplace, hot tub, balcony...superb.

cheers-ing in the hot tub. opening the wine w/out a corkscrew is another story.

leaving the one, the only claim jumper, leftovers in tow. (i <3 claim jumper)

driving. look - it's us in that shadow! (i <3 highway driving)

leaving. drove back amidst some very strange weather.

Serious fun was had by all.
Played blackjack for the first time. Loved it (uh oh).
Laughed (a TON)
Slept (a little)
Room service breakfast (the best)
Shopped at Target (twice)
Ate (bad but good food)
Drove (a lot)

Yay for girlfriend getaways!

I'm grateful today for the lessons I am learning and re-learning as I teach them to my child. I didn't realize that having a child could be such a huge catalyst to living a better life and becoming a better person.

22 June 2007

my toenails are red :)

A couple of shots of the 20x20wip...they're not great, but they are what they are, and they're recording stages and moments. The life of a painting. We're at the stage where there are masking tape strips on the painting. They will come off. They better come off!

In all my excitement yesterday, I forgot to post my gratitude bit. So today, I'll post two.

1. So very grateful to look out my window at work and be able to see eagles soaring. Around and around in circles without one flap of their wings. It's very relaxing.
2. Super grateful that my sister is willing to have both Jax and Carmichael over for a sleepover so that Colleen & I can get away for the weekend. Family rocks.

Have a fabulous weekend.

21 June 2007

soSOso excited

Leaving tomorrow night for a girls' weekend. EEEEK! (sometimes my caps lock key goes on all by itself...I think my 'puter has a ghost. for the eeeek! it seemed appropriate though. good job ghost!)

Me, Dee & Colleen. My co-op buddies. This is SO needed and we are all excited beyond belief. An executive suite at a casino resort. I don't gamble, but I'm gonna get my toes wet for the first time! (can you believe I went to Vegas and didn't gamble not even a nickel??) There is a jacuzzi spa in our room, two TVs, a dual-sided fireplace, two restaurants and a pub right in the building. We might not even leave the hotel! An all-out-super-duper-girly-fun-self-indulgent weekend. Just what the doctor ordered, I do believe!

Tonight I'm sharing my this week's dare, as well as a page for the challenges going on over at 'ologie. The dare this week is "love at first sight" and i twisted my page up a bit. I'll post the journalling (hidden behind the white cardstock behind the transparency in the top left corner.

Journalling: Tonight it was the East India Pale Ale from the Brooklyn Brewery in the cute packaging. A new beer and a new experiment. 5 years and 8 months ago it was baby Jaxon. Falling head over heels in love with him. Love and first sight indeed. You don't need to ask me twice. Nope.

For the Pick Me Up! challenge at 'ologie, I've been keeping it simple. Just trying to get back into the groove of scrapbooking without feeling like I'm just making a big mess (note above dare page...fits into said mess category).

Last night I watched Conversations with God. A self-help book (which it originally really was) in movie form. But fictional. So very interesting. At times a bit slow...but try to slow down with it. Take time to think about the messages. Apply them or discard them at your will, but it was nice to just slow down by myself for long enough to absorb the movie. Tonight, I'll be watching Griffin & Phoenix.

And working on the painting! I got all excited and got working yesterday without taking a photo :( but tonight I'll take one even though there's no light. I'm excited about tonight's step and to see if it fixes what I think I screwed up last night. Yeah, oops.

OK! I'm taking my laptop with me this weekend 'cause I want to stay in touch and I'm sure there will be some serious down-time in the hotel drinking & eating room service and chatting, so it will be fun to pop on. We are in the executive suite, keep in mind. I better do something executive-ish, like use a laptop.


20 June 2007

driving + lots of scraps

I came in to work extra early today to get caught up on some stuff. I drove in while the morning sun shone its special morning light and there were hardly any cars on the road. It was a tiny little piece of heaven. I got to work and was greeted by a brand-spankin new operating system on my computer (good) and all my preferences and presets so not there (bad). Good thing I came in early...certainly not caught up. Blech.

Ready to be smacked in the face with a bunch of pages and stuff? The first bunch are all using the June 'ologie kit. Such good times, as usual. The girl seriously knows how to thrown down some serious kit action.

Then, there's a thing I did for the Lazar Street Team challenge for June (they forgot about me but I harassed them enough to put it up):

We were to use a digital product from Lazar and a manilla folder. Because I'm superduper lucky (and happen to live in the same location as the fabulous owner of said company) I added some other Lazar goodies in for good measure. And used my typewriter for the first time in a long time. And made a mistake. But I don't care. Live, learn, move on.

I worked some more on the 20x20 last night too. Have to take some shots before I work on it today. Really, I should clean the bathroom. But painting is so much more fun!

really, need i say more?

19 June 2007

little miss sunshine

That's me today. Little Miss Sunshine. I think it's just amazing how the weather can affect my mood(ssss).

Lately, I have sucked at scrapbooking. I just feel that way. Whatever. It goes that way sometimes I guess. I dug up an old challenge from March @ 'ologie and pumped this one out in about 5 minutes last night. No text, no journalling, no title, not much of anything except the 5 items we were challenged to use. And a photo. Simple. Forcing myself to get back to my roots - back to basics...think about the design. And I actually like it. I've been having so much fun altering things and making minis and painting that I'm scared to scrapbook. Or when I do I for some reason feel like I need my scrapbooking and other stuff to "match". That doesn't work for me. That's no good. Green cardstock, a swirly something, a star, some tape, and one brad:

Then, fun times with Lu over at the studioWERX Streat Team blog. Boo-ya baby! I needed a kick in the ass last night to make something. Pulled out my journal, got messy w/ gesso and used some fave POD stampage. Again, just simple. Getting free and messy, but in a structured way...thinking about placement and colours. This journal is an old photo album with all the photos taken out but some of the corners left in place:

And, more on the 20x20. Threw another layer on last night. I really love to paint. Wouldn't it be cool to have a whole wall of your house all textured like this? That's a dream. Maybe not red...that might make me crazier than I already am.

Simple pleasures...the iced latte on my desk right now. Yum.

18 June 2007

wip:twenty by twenty

My new work in progress...a 20"x20" canvas. This is my sister Aley's Christmas present. Christmas of 2006, to be exact. I think I will take photos of the process throughout. I saw it leaning on the chair and was struck by the bold colour. I love red.

SUCH a monday. UGH. Was so tired all day. So.....

Gratitude: Today I'm grateful for coming home to a house where the dishes were done, the carpets were vacuumed, the laundry was done...and where I'm about to get a massage. Wicked end to such a Mondayish Monday.

17 June 2007

Sunday, June 17

Today I'm feeling extremely grateful I have a husband who is a wonderful father.

16 June 2007

ahhh...the weekend.

It's Saturday. I'm grateful for the weekend and being able to spend some much-needed quality time with the boys.

The big one has to work tonight, but we'll be enjoying the middle part of the day today. Heading off to Loomis in just a few minutes. They are donating some product for me to use in my Crop 4 Kids classes - yay for generous and wonderful sponsors! J will get a new colouring book as a bribe to pull him away from Saturday morning cartoons. Speaking of...must go and encourage the shoe-puttonage. xog

15 June 2007


work is insaaaane! oh well, makes the day go by faster. especially when i'm feeling the beer from the night before. badly. maridee and i went for a stroll through our 'hood last night...checked out her husband's childhood home. so cool.

here's a sneek of a lil sumpin.

Today I'm grateful for the blue sky trying so hard to make an appearance. I'm grateful for the fact that we are in spring and moving towards summer and for flowers. I'm also grateful for amazing friendships I'm blessed with. Also, it's the weekend and I'm grateful for that too. Today, I'm extra grateful.

14 June 2007


Here are a couple more things I did on top of the Dare layout last week (hopefully that link will work). We were sponsored last week by the Story of My Life kit club. Such a fun kit...I had to just keep playing! Harajuku lovers theme for reals. You can see the rest of the mini album here.

The mid-month gallery @ ologie goes up tomorrow. I'm super stoked about it because once again, Ranjini rocked out and provided a kit that, well, makes a girl wanna scrap! And did I ever...

Today I am grateful for Jaxon being in kindergarten with a great teacher who takes them on field trips, like the one they went on today to the beach. The boy's backpack was fuller than it's ever been, with a bucket, 3 different digging devices, shorts, change of clothes, sunscreen, a hat, and lunch. Good times.

13 June 2007

Seeking: One Still Life

Yeah, right. In my dreams maybe.

While it is the opinion of plenty (and often mine as well) that I am entirely too busy, I do thrive on busy as long as I don't let it overwhelm me. I'm realizing that stuff has been overwhelming me lately. But I am in control. So, time to make some changes. I'd like to try to write on my blog every day. It will be a check-in with myself. A "grounding" mechanism. The whole gratitude concept has been somewhere in my mind for years - ever since an ancient episode of Oprah, where she talked about keeping a gratitude journal. Each and every day I will be grateful. For something. Small or large...silly or serious. Just something. I'm sick to death of continually thinking about and writing about how busy I am. Stop making excuses and do something about it.

I want to keep my goals in mind...short terms and long term. Wants and needs. Prioritize. But keep striving and achieving. Because that's what makes me feel happy and fulfilled. Happy & fulfilled Gen = better woman, wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter...a better me. Self care. It's been lacking lately.

Wanted: A Bit of Routine
To get me on track.

Coming soon: A Ton of Stuff I've Been Making
Because I have been incredibly focused creatively lately. And for that I am grateful.