24 December 2005


it is all about family these days. friends and family. the ones we love.
surround yourself with them, appreciate them, love them back.

i realized today that christmas may have become a bit tainted in our family...and this makes me so so sad. last year things were rough...even though we didn't know why at the time. i would love to be able to turn back the clock sometimes, where things were easier. but i'm going to do my best to remember that things happen for a reason...that trials and tribulations contribute to our lives and our souls and serve to make us better people and/or teach us lessons. i will surround myself with as much love and support as i can. i will take time to do things i enjoy. i will make sure that my son has a great christmas and that he knows he is loved by mum and dad...always no matter what.

21 December 2005

fof baby!!!

i am SO excited about this

sweet kah-mei presented this awesome opportunity to me and i am so grateful. how cool to be a guest designer for a company making such AMAZING & FUN product!!!

fontwerks rocks. happy to finally be able to share this with my peeps.

LAST DAY OF WORK TOMORROW plus staff dinner at a super yummy restaurant AND a slammin new 'do (i am now a brunette with new bangs). Plus the Fontwerks newsletter. Wow. Such a good day.

here's some of my faves. love y'all.

20 December 2005

holy crap

Is it seriously the 20th of December?
Man oh man how time flies. I SWEAR yesterday there were 10 days left.
I have nothing to say. This might be why I have not updated my blog in a few.
All I want is to be on holidays with TV movies on, my xmas tree a-blaze (with light, not fire), eggnog in my cup and a clean scrap space to create my little heart out.
What am I doing instead? Sitting here at work looking out at the grey rainy day and thinking about lists and such. But hey. At least work is not too busy and I'm able to sit and daydream and chat :)
We're going to see Narnia tonight. So looking forward to date night with my babe.
Mum's babysitting. Mum's are the best.
Smoocharoonies you loony toonies!

15 December 2005

baby got a boo boo!


Poor lil dude! I watched the whole thing too...man that sucked. Off the couch, smack the eye on the table, scream and bleed. Wonderful. He has never drawn blood from the head before! He's gettin a shiner!

After a few days of finishing up some deadline stuff, I got to play with my xmas journal again. Today, it was December 3 for me all over again. Tee hee!

12 December 2005


Had a great, busy, productive AND relaxing weekend! I'm sure tomorrow when I'm sitting at work I will feel like it went by too fast, but hey...I'm reveling in it right now. And speaking of right now, it's late. 12:40am and I MUST get to bed if I don't want to be totally grumpy at work all day tomorrow.

Did another page of my xmas journal. I fully admit that I'm stretching the truth by putting the date of December 2, 2005 on this page, since I created it today...but I really want to have the date and order of this thing by when we receive the assignments. Of course my ultimate hope is that one of these days VERY soon I will be caught up, but, well...knowing me...who knows. And I ain't losing any sleep over it either.

Then, I did this cute lil project for the LM DT (featuring "Designing with Gen" this month - yay!). I used supplies from the December kit and an AC ribbon spool (empty of course!).

Some other stuff too (I know!!!) but I gotta sleep. Now.

OH. PS. While I don't have a cool banner and while I lost all my links already in my last template change ('doh!) I figure I'll play around a bit and have some fun with template changes. Because I figure - it's grey, it's December, and I'm all about colour right now. Change. Love it in the winter. Need to get my hair cut and dyed...I ALWAYS do this in December. I have to get my links back though. OK. Long PS. Goodnight!

08 December 2005

merry merry...

It's that time!!!!!
I'm all better, and now that I'm....eight days behind, it's time to start my journal!

Here's day one...
and a big fat hug and hello to all y'all!

05 December 2005

sick (and tired)

I swear you can catch things through blogs, email, and IMs.
And whoever sent me some nasty bug though any of these channels...
I feel like crap.
I need sleep.
I also have a ton to do.
I have a meeting tonight.
Must attend.
So please, only healthy people are allowed to talk to me in any form!!!
I'm taking Cold-Fx which is supposed to be some miracle cure-all.
I think I started too late.
But perhaps I can nip the next bug in the bud (omg that sounds so dumb).
Sorry no fabulous-ness to share.
Wish I could afford to buy you all a bag for merry merry.
But I do love you.
Bye for now!

01 December 2005

tomorrow is friday...sigh...

And that's a happy sigh, by the way.
I'm so looking forward to and am in need of, a weekend.
Down side: I think I'm getting sick.

I signed up for this Journal your Christmas class:
I know there is a way to make the "Journal your Christmas text all cool and linked up, but I simply do not know it.
Nor do I know how to have a cool-ass banner.
Now, I'm sure that I could learn, but I am also lazy.
Lazy or busy. Busy or lazy. Who knows.

Back to the online class.
I have never done anything like this - class online or physically.
Should be fun and exciting. Signed my rainbow girl Ashley up too :)
I am REALLY looking forward to thinking about and experiencing things in December...
No pre-Christmas fog and daze and speeding-through-everything for me this year.

Oh! My new purse.
Love it.

Isn't it cute!!?? Merry Christmas to meee...

Um what else? I have a TON to do.
My Treo device is not organizing my life like I thought it would.
I think maybe that's because I have to tell it things before it can help. Damn shame. Tee hee!

Need to clean, organize, put up lights and get decs outta storage. Yay! Dren's home.

Happy almost-Friday loves!