14 March 2007

recovering, then ???

Funny that I had to recover from my son having the flu, but hey, that's how a grown-up mama's life goes, I guess. So now I have an eye infection. Alrighty then. Besides the antibiotics, I've decided to just pay it no mind since it really doesn't deserve any attention and is only serving to interrupt my journey back to healthy, happy, well-slept person land.

I've been focusing a lot on making sure I spend quality time with Jaxon. We got to do that a lot while he was sick last week. Partly because I made the time, but also partly because he wanted to hang out with me. I was working on a project at one point because he was content watching a DVD in the living room. And then all of a sudden he was beside me, lining up his toys and playing on the kitchen floor. I grabbed my camera and although the light was awful, resulting in grainy photos, I love how a series of photos captures this simple everyday moment that meant the world to me.

I love him more than anything.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back and good to see Jax up and around. Enjoy

Anna-Marie Still said...

So glad to see he's feeling better!

Robyn said...

glad to hear J is feeling mucho better!

Hey,just saw on Scrapologie's blog that you're on Ranjini's DT now- too fun- congrats!