05 March 2007

i'm sorry daddy...

That I threw up on the blanket. -Jaxon, 5:30am

Rough night's sleep=rough day=Gen not a happy girl.

Jaxon still has a fever. Poor kid.

It will be an interesting day tomorrow...Dren called in today, I'll go in early tomorrow and come home before Dren leaves, then hopefully my mum will take over so I can go back to work...ugh.

and thanks to sick kid I can't go the Canucks game tomorrow night w/ Christina :(

Would you like some cheese with your whine!!!???


Anonymous said...

awww, poor J, hope he is feeling mucho better soon. Take care of you too, girl!

Anonymous said...

Poor Jax! - they are cute when are sick though, aren't they? Apologizing and stuff - they're always so sweet and calm. Now if they could just be that way when they aren't throwing up!

Hope things turn around for you soon!

gabbyfek said...

oooooh sweetheart.
what a not fun day.....
poor jaxon.
poor you.
and then i didn't get to talk to you.
boo boo boo.
love you.
sending healthy vibes (and yummy cheese, but just cuz i like cheese)

Unknown said...

Awww Gen, I hope Jaxon feels better soon!
Sickies are no fun :(

Anonymous said...

Hope your baby feels better soon.

Dustanne said...

Gen, hope Jaxon is feeling better soon.

On another note, funny how small the bloggin' world is....lol
(long time no chat)