26 September 2005


Mondays? Blech.
My birthday on a Monday? Slight cause for celebration.

Although I only have but a minute, I must update what has been a slightly depressing blog.
Because. I am. In NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM depressed. Not one bit.
Even work is OK today. Because whatever. It's my birthday!!!!

Check this...adding to my 4th day of celebration...and the real day...

  • birthday LOVE

  • I am so feeling the love. You bet your bottom dollar.
    Friend rule. They make my world brighter and funner.
    I feel special.
    I've already been in tears.

    Over and out for now. Pix for sure later. Oh yeah.

    15 September 2005


    Geez man have I ever been neglecting you my poor sweet blogaroo.

    I have been a busy lil beaver. Spending much needed time with the J man and being more of a mum and a wife. D got a job. A freakin wicked job where he's gonna make real money doing what he knows how to do. Not what he loves to, but where he's got skills. I think this, combined with the fact that I am absolutely utterly head over heels in love with scrapping, is what is making me ugh my job. That, and also that it's busy time at work. I have to remember what's important tho.

    To live in a victim place is to point a finger at someone else, as if you have no control over your own life.

    Random, I know, but relevant.

    09 September 2005

    my purse (aka Suitcase)

    It's a big fat mess. I have to clean it. It's practically bursting at the seams. I can't close the zippers. This really deserves a picture so that you can all see what I mean, but I'm at work and I don't have my camera.

    I am such a procrastinator when it comes to dealing with miscellaneous papers. Blech. I'm really good at making piles and tucking them temporarily out of site though.

    I must visit Ruby Dog Art Store today. Ruby Dog houses the most eclectic collection of found art objects and STUFF. I love it. Imagination gone wild. This store is the Queen Ruler of Altered Art. Love it! I hope to find some fun stuff for myself...and maybe some fun for friends too. Yessir.

    08 September 2005

    what a slacker!!!

    In blogland anyway. I miss it, but I've also been actually busy doing actual stuff...you know, accomplishing things. That feels mighty fine. Experimenting with art and getting crazy with photoswaps. Much fun to be had by all.

    My darling sister (one of) is asking me what I want for my birthday. Um. World peace? Resolution and safety and fixed lives for those suffering in the Southern US? A healthy child. For D to find a job. To be able to do what I dream about. To have enough time to stay in touch with wonderful friends and precious family. All these things that no one can give me. Today is not a day I'll be able to answer her.

    The never-ending strive to not be a procrastinator...or at least not with things that make others feel good....this will be my goal for now. Cross things off the list. Give gifts of mail-love and art-love/scrap-love. Remember the word that was supposed to be the word of the day on my blog (it's been a loooong time since I've updated daily) last week...NURTURE. Nurture what's important in life...it will come back to you tenfold.

    Happy Thursday...only one more workday after today and then it's the weekend. The fabulous weekend.

    01 September 2005

    she got me (hit me baby, one more time)

    Thanks Amber Poopy Tagger-Face.

    Here goes. 5 RANDOMS.

    1. A couple of weeks ago I broke a personal record for the greatest number of jeans I could put on at one time. My new record: 6 pair. Previous record: 1 pair. Yes. Red wine was involved.

    2. My belly button is pierced and has a big fancy jewel in it. Hardly anyone gets to see it anymore. My tummy used to be really flat.

    3. I want to take pole dancing lessons. Not to become a stripper, but because it looks like it would be a total riot, and what the hell, you get exercise at the same time (OK...exercise? Rethinking this as I type). My friend has the Carmen Electra DVD thing. Recently, I noticed we have a new fitness place : The First Pole Dancing class for Fitness Studio in Canada, they advertise. "Meet Your Sexy Side". Things are definitely looking up. Oh yes.

    4. My favourite ice cream is Ben & Jerry's Half Baked. Sometimes I'm salt, sometimes I'm sweet.

    5. I'm addicted to Sweet Pea body cream from Bath and BodyWorks. The only issue this really poses in my life is that the store doesn't exist in Canada. Meaning travelling over the border for lotion. Seems a bit excessive. But it smells so good!

    And because it's all about me today, I will leave you with this:

    And because I've been forced into this game, I will tag...

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