31 July 2006


holy smokes.
i have watched some incredible films over the past little while.
all made by thinkfilm.

last week, watched

totally incredible.
before the film, there was a trailer for

so i watched that over the weekend.
SO SAD. but incredible. amazing. informative. moving.
and in a trailer on that dvd, was reminded of a movie i've been meaning to see for ages...since before last year's oscars, in fact...

what a gorgeous wonderful amazing sad heartfelt happy crazy movie.
i'm loving this company, that makes such important documentaries.
people should see movies like this.
they make you think, and make you want to be a better person.

after going to the website today, i realize there are two other movies i've seen by the same company "murderball" and "spellbound"...also great great films.

totally busy at work and trying to get the suite in our building filled (TODAY), but life is fairly good. more to share...soon.


Lu said...

these look like some movies I need to check out. I love stuff like this.

ChiGirl said...

Just found your blog on a link to someone else's blog (maybe Danielle T's?) - anyway it's cute and I love that you referenced movies that weren't about animation and the latest yuk from Hollywood!

And as I clicked to leave you a message, I noticed we have very similar blog titles - how weird is that? (Mine came from my French fascination - mostly when I was growing up).

And a wine recommendation - my fav. is Clos du Bois - because it's not expensive ($9 US), has a good, hearty, oaky but fruity flavor (I don't like whimpy wines)....and never a headache or hangover as with some.... Just my 2 cents.


Alison said...

I'll check these out.
I was on the fence, but now i'm on it.
Thanks for the tips.

Jamie said...

The only one I've seen of those is Murderball, but I really enjoyed it. So awesome.

Jodi said...

I am waiting for Boys of Baraka to come in from Netflix. A woman I used to work with sent her son or grandson, I can't remember.

Michelle W. said...

I'm crazy about documentries!!! Everytime I watch them I'll cry my eyes out, yet I can't stop watching them! lol. I do love that they make you think... You feel something that's for sure! I just saw my flesh my blood and that was a really good one!!