20 July 2006

thursday that feels like a friday

so, you can imagine my disappointment each time i realize it is actually only thursday!

random good stuff:

went scrapbook shopping.
first time in MONTHS (not kidding)
can't beat 40% off all paper/cardstock
AND a 3 for 2 rubons sale. hello!!!?
now all i want to do is scrap
cannot WAIT to dig into those delicious brown paper bags.


chai tea lattes.

old goodies made new again via re-discovery.

kind people/good friends.

inspiration and motivation.

a garden bouquet in a mason jar from my sister.

keep posting for goody rakness...mail love drawing is tonight!


Robyn said...

Ooohhhh, nothing like new goodies to get your mojo going. :) Have fun playing.

chaos_chic said...

Hey, Im a "lurker" (sounds so dangerous lol) but I am from the same area as you I think and I am wondering if there are any awesome scrapbooking stores in your city? I live in White Rock so I shop mostly at Precious Memories in Langley which I love but I always love finding new places, any suggestions?? Thanks!


Jen said...

It SOOOOO feels like Friday to me too.
It's ticking me off to be honest.
Yay for scrappy shopping!!!

sarah said...

it's felt a whole day off all week . . .
I could have sworn yesterday was Thursday.
I wonder why that is? Must be the weather or something...

sounds like you scored at the scrappy shop.
I cannot wait to see what you create...
it's aways amazing!!!

Jewels said...

So I'm all like "goody rakness"? What rakness!?

Duh. I'm such a dummy. ::raises hand:: yea... I don't have it yet either. REALLY digging the style tho.

Anyway... 40% off paper?? Oh be still my heart. That is my weakness.

There is no faster way to get me scrapping than a great sale at me LSS. :o)

Nicole said...

Love me some new scrap stash!
Can't wait to see what you create Gen! Miss you:)

Lilli said...

I'm in Vancouver: where's the sale?! Do you know of a store that I don't? My favourite haunts are Clipper Street, Making Memories, and Scrapbook Warehouse. I see that the latter has Elsie's new book, although I'm sure you don't need it. You have your own muse :)

Alissa said...

scrappy sale?
total awesomeness!
We're having a HUGE sale starting today!
the WHOLE store, seriously!
you should come down! :)


ArtsyMama said...

Sounds like a fun trip! Can't wait to see what you make. Happy FRIDAY!!! Woohooo!!