04 July 2006

wake up call

this morning i got SO frustrated with jaxon.we had a fight.i lost my temper.i feel really awful.

he's been going through this testing-the-waters/independence thing; we have to ask him to do things at least 3 times...usually more like 4 or 5. it's really hard to deal with. i've been making sure to pull him aside and explain in a calm and rational way how important it is that he listens to us, and that he acknowledge what we say with "yes" or "no" or at least some sort of indication that he is not just being incredibly rude and ignoring us. each time, it seems like it's sunk in. then it happens again. NOT GOOD when it's morning and we're already rushing (well, ok, i'm the only one rushing) to get out of the house.

by time #3 this morning, i was done. i totally lost my temper and yelled right in his face and there were big, real, you-hurt-my-feelings tears (his, not mine...not yet). i took a deep breath and felt the guilt set in like a load of bricks. we sat and talked and i held him and apologized and then all was well. i need to practice patience or figure out a different technique or something. because if this behaviour is going to continue (which i seriously hope it doesn't) i will have to deal with it differently.

on the way to school, we made a plan to do something fun together. i asked him to pick something special for just the two of us to do next saturday. after reviewing the days of the week via the days of the week song that taught him the names of the days, we got back on track and he chose for him and mama to go to the park. i can't wait.

happy 4th to all my US buddies! (i'm working, but had yesterday off for canada day, which was saturday, so happy belated canada day as well!) i'll post about my awesome weekend later...after my temporary bad parent guilt fades.


Tami said...

i have been having the same problem with Anna (age 2.5) I take two deep breathes then I figure out what I am going to do. it's just a stage but they can be so crazy it just makes you want to scream. i suggest the taking a few seconds to yourself and then going on with whatever you feel you need to do.

Tammy said...

My son is three and he's going through the "testing of the boundaries" thing...driving me crazy...and you'd think I'd have it down since he's my third one...then there's the 9 year old who thinks he knows it all already...good for you for making it right with your son though...as my mom always said"this too shall pass."

The Other Half said...

oh...we all have those moments...it will pass...