28 July 2006

more good

sushi and sake were SO good. i took a business card and chopsticks so i could scrap it, since i forgot my camera. the restaurant was packed and the owner was treating us very well since 3 of the girls we were with are industry people and knew him. sake and edamame in the "lounge". just a little tipsy by the time we got out table (an HOUR and FIFTEEN MINUTES after arriving). but we were able to preorder the food while in the "lounge" and it came with quickness. the atmosphere of the place was so awesome - totally contemporary asian...dark wood, lots of rice paper and clean lines. great vibe. we then went and shook our booties for a little bit at another restaurant to an awesome mixture of house, latin and hip hop beats. i haven't been out dancing in AGES...felt so so good. i can't believe at one point in my life i was going out 2-3 times a week. yikes!

today we had a lazy morning (slept in til 8:00ish) and then made our way out to chuck-e-cheese in langley. the boys (jaxon and carmichael) had so much fun playing, and colleen and i brought more than enough reading material. they do this cool thing where they give the parents and the kids in a group a numbered stamp, and they don't let kids leave without an adult with the same black-light-inked stamp. so you can somewhat relax and not have to worry about whether your kid has left the building at every moment. so we took turns tending to them, getting food, drinks, etc. and relaxing. very good.

now i'm home, and scrapping is definitely on the agenda for the evening.

and last but definitely not least, we posted the new dare today. seriously cool...i hope that a lot of people take the time to think about it, journal about it, scrap it if you've the time and the motivation...but at the very least think about it for a few moments.

what does scrapping mean to you?

we all have different reasons for why we take part in this hobby/passion/craft/whatever you like to call it. it was really nice to take the time to reflect on my reasons. and i will like to see if and how those reasons change over the years.


Jen said...

I adore this dare.
I think it has definitely enriched ALL of our lives sooo very much.
Love your page too, and your reasons!

alissa said...

LOVE this page, gen!
I, too, love this thing we do and the amazing people it has brought to my life!
I better scrapping this dare!


Nicole said...

Love your page Gen!
I better get on that bandwagon, such a great dare!

island girl said...

wow...sounds like an awesome night...nothin' wrong with a little sushi, sake and bootay shakin'!

Missy said...

good good good.
I'm so glad all is good for you.
I hope the rest of your extended weekend was FABULOUS :)

Alison said...

Get ready for cheesy.
Who you are comes through in everything you do.
Blog entries.
It's a beautiful thing.

Done now.

{ brooke } said...

sake and dancing.
this dare rocks.
your page i adore.
awesome work, gen.

ArtsyMama said...

I love this...I mean really, really love it. You're amazing!