23 July 2006

albums + cha(less)

i have been thinking so much lately about making "albums". Not like mini albums, but albums, that are open, and on-going. For things that are currently happening in my life, and seem to be ongoing(ly) repeating themselves in my life.

such as:
-self-talk (i was doing this for a while, then stopped. i shouldn't stop this. ever)
-gen-isms or such. things i say. recently inspired by the dares and having SUCH a hard time coming up with something. uh. hello!??? there are a TON of Things I Say.
-pain. yep. it's there. and it needs to get dealt with.
-my journey through depression and anxiety. yes. it's there too. it's what i talked about briefly, have hinted about (and majorly put OUT there in Freestyle when I did the page "Panic"). what better way to get through it, live it, deal with it, and...well...who-knows-what it than to scrap it?
-things i want you to know (or some such seblance of these words as a title)...i want to give advice to jaxon as i learn lessons in life.
-what i want you to know. i want this album to be stuff that i think of...small or large, that i want dren to know. stuff i think, feel, or do....that he might not have any clue about otherwise (men can be pretty clueless sometimes, you know...)
-childhood memories. i recently did a project where i thought a lot about my childhood. i want to remember those years. REALLY. i want to be able to look back always and remember them, but i also want jaxon and his family and/or future generations to be able to look back and learn about me. maybe i can even get dren in on this one.
-favourite wines. YES. i ALWAYS try a wine...go "OMG that was SO good" and promptly forget the very complicated foreign language name (i suck at french, italian and chilean, to be exact). whatever...that's just an excuse. my memory sucks and i never write them down. so this is my new plan. wine is a wonderful thing.

speaking of....

tonight, i had dinner at my mum's house with two amazing friends, colleen and shelome. she made lamb, straight from saturna island. shelome made a sauce, using some of the red wine. we also had grilled vegies, salad, yummy breads & crackers & dips as appies...potatoes, bean salad...and yes, gorgeous wine, chosen especially to complement the food.

tonight, i feel lucky and blessed.

wonderful weekend. i'm looking forward to my 3 days of work, and 4 day weekend, starting this coming thursday.

oh right! and i'm feeling a teeny tiny twinge over seeing photos of some awesome friends having fun @ cha...kinda wishing i was there, but kinda enjoying the sideline action as well. i hope you all have SO much fun!



Caroline said...

i always think of doing one of those sorts of albums.
unfortunately, i never get it together, and those sorts of pages all get stuck in my "normal" book

The Other Half said...

thank you thank you thank you for CHA!!! it was a BLAST...i'm still trying to figure out just how to thank you for your sweetness!!!

sarah said...

those albums sound fabulous...
you should start them.

Renee said...

you're so smart!

Mara said...

your album ideas are v. good. i might need to do some of those, at least pages, myself.
i missed you at CHA, but i owe you a GINORMOUS thank you for letting me be part of Paperjax :)

Missy said...

LOVE your album ideas :)
miss you.
totally feeling the CHA envy over here :(

Alison said...

I don't know why, but I felt I needed to go check your blog today. LIke it had to be done.
And here you are, inspiring as ever.

Meghan said...

You know what?
I love this post. I love the idea of ongoing albums and you are open and real and I just love you!

ArtsyMama said...

Such great ideas for albums. I love it all. I just did an Inspiration album. Just posted it on my blog. It was a lot of fun.