02 July 2006

today is her day

i *heart* my g1.
"met" her randomly thru cyber-pea-scrap-blog-dom.
briefly (so briefly it never really happened) battled over the "g".
she became the g1 to my g2. i became the g2 to her g1.
whatever way you look at it, we bonded.
bonded before we met.
then we met.
i don't even think we really knew it or expected it.
but it happened.
and i'm so grateful.
she twinkles like a star.
i love my g1.
happy birthday g1!!!

and p.s. i couldn't help but post an ode to the ass photo. g1 has such a cute lil behind, and such cute jeans...i couldn't help it. and i AM going to scrap it still. i just haven't figured out the perfect page for it yet. this butt needs a brilliant plan. (we love her)


Sarah said...

Awwww....Gabbys butt! How sweet!
Love the layout- and Happy Birthday to Gabby!!

gabbyfek said...

laughing like a CRAZY person over here....
there's my hiney.
for all the world to see.
thank goodness i don't have visible panty lines... now THAT would be embarassing....
i am still eagerly anticipating how that lovely series of shots becomes a scrappy page....
oh g2. i love you so.
i love that page.
i love these pics.
i love YOU. period. thank goodness for the shared g and the not-at-all long enough interlude in vegas.

Renee said...

Heehee, such a cute post, Gen! I had no idea it was Gabby's birthday....I'm so glad I saw this! You are such a good friend, Gen! :) PS: when do you want to go shopping? I think we're overdue for a trip. Call me.

erika said...

what a nice butt it is...
love the ode to the ass...

sarahbee said...

LOVE the ode to the ass! LOL!

Missy said...

I love this post!!
'specially the gabby hiney!
now THAT is comedy.
You are an amazing friend, my dear :)

Mara said...

umm, you posted gabby's ass.
THAT is funny.
cute post, dear.
happy sunday.

Alison said...

Oh that IS a pretty sweet booty.
You're such a good friend