13 November 2005

ON the is-land

12:16 am. Off to bed soon.
I so enjoyed reading blogs tonight for a few before hittin the hay.
Missed this. Been missin a lot I realize.
I got inspired this weekend...not necessarily caught up...but super inspired.

We have been so chill this weekend. D brought bacon and eggs and toast this morning. Let me just say that the thought of cold white spot breaky did nothing for me until i dug in and not only was it NOT cold but it was the most delicious thing every. crispy hash and lotsa grease. Yum. But D better come home soon or I'm gonna get fat.

To backtrack approximately 1 hour: I was woken by the smell of an eggnog latte on the hotel bed sidetable. Love that man.


heidi said...

yup, he's a keeper, :)

Kathy said...

omgosh that D is a total keeper!

Missed ya too ya know hun, you have been so busy. It is good to see you catching some 'you' time again.

Kathy said...

ps - did you see Cindy tagged you - get on it girl :)

Robyn said...

what a great way to start the day!! eggnog latte...mmmmm

Nicole said...

Gen!!! you are blogging again! i know you've been so busy, glad you got some time with D and J. What a sweetie he is!:)

April said...

yay for yummy breakfast. and lattes. and inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!