16 November 2005

boys stink

Truth be told, I'm glad we hired a boy to work in our office, rather than some crazy/menopausal (sp?) woman...apparently 3 women canNOT work in the office together without ending up hating each other (or at least 2 out of three...making it basically like working in a black cloud...and i know cuz i've worked in 3 black clouds before). SO, enter: boy. At first I thought he was a total dolt...he kinda talks like the pot-smoking dolt type. But, he's saving my life!!!! I got online for like 10 minutes at work today...and it can only get better from there, right!!??? He's still in my office...and I know he showers every morning, but my office still stinks. Could be something to do w/ him being a smoker (ew)...but it's more like boy smell. Musty and ew. But whatever. It's not forever. It's temporary. Till he's properly whipped into shape ;)

Other news. Hmmm. I'm exhausted. It's Wednesday (probably not news to most). I will be a happy camper indeed if I can get a good night's sleep. It's amazing what it does for your body. Kind of changes your whole being...in a good way. I'm currently living off caffeine and sugar...with a few vegetables thrown in for good measure.

OK...that's it for now. Peace out homettes.

I GOT IT TO WORK - YIPPEEEEE!!! DT inspiration piece to use cardstock ONLY...


erika said...

beautiful miss gen...beautiful!
sorry about the stinky boy....
that's no good ;)
but,... you're funny...xe

Jodi said...

love your layout gen!

April said...

stinky boy...hee hee...funny!

that layout is gorgeous. i love calla lillies. they are my fave.


gabbyfek said...

gen, that layout is GORGEOUS...
when you describe the stinky boy...
i am picturing pig pen
from the peanuts?!?!
in my head.
too funny....

Nicole said...

i know what you mean - yes, boys stink!!! LOL!

Gen I loved you layout, simply beautiful lady!!

Kathy said...

Maybe give him some axe body spray ;)

I am glad to hear that you are going to be getting a bit of help around the office girl, it drived me nuts to not chat with you all day :)

ps - have I told you lately I love LOVE your style >:D<

Ashley said...

besides that fabric thingie you do...(and that you owe me one of)
this is my favorite.
oh my god.
i love it.
frame it.
love it.
you must now decide whats better.
stinky boy?
bitchy woman?
just deal with the smell my friend.