26 November 2005

the end of november

is almost here. can you believe it?
we're back on the island visiting dren again.
hmph. we both really really thought he would be home by the weekend.
not sure when now. hopefully soon...that's all we know.
and the latest is that he might have to start a new job dec. 5th.
double hmph.
but we're here, we're together, we're family, and we always will be.

i finally cleaned my house last night. big news, i know.

i got a treo. this is very exciting. part of the neverending quest to organize myself.

because i'm photographically-uploadingly-challenged right now, here's a link instead...


my dear friend coco j and i took some hilarious photos with it last night as we goofed off. it was fun. but i still need to learn about it more and remember to bring the charger and plugs and doo-dads with me when i travel so i can share.

peace out...happy holiday weekend to all my 'merican frienz.


Erin said...

hey!!! you changed up the blogaroo! i had to double take and make sure i was really at my gen's blog! hee hee hee... dang, i so want one of those treos! AWESOME!!!!!!!!! i'm glad you're visiting your man, you know you're my super hero!

April said...

dude! that treo looks supa-fly!

so glad you are visiting your man...wish he was home with you already, though!