23 November 2005

he IS coming home!!!!!!!!!

and i'm laughing my ass off because at first instead of home i typed "homer"...i have NO idea why...but the word (name?) "homer" has crossed my path too many times lately...weirdness.

Life rocks.
My house is messy.
I HAVE to do the dishes (at least).
My scrap stuff is a disaster.
Why am I a procrastinator?
My man is coming home :)
Don't know when exactly, but soon.
So so so so happy about that.
Feeling inspired.
Lots of ideas and fun stuff to work with.
FOF for next mo...gotta get crackin.
Busy cutting out unmounted stamps.
Contemplating...clean and organize...
...or shove stuff out of the way and just go at it?
I can taste that feeling of happiness...
...sitting down to a clean space...a blank canvas...
ready for a big fat mess to be made.

jaxon gets scared sometimes to go down the slide. even though he's been before and loves it everytime...he still gets a little apprehensive. we were at the park last weekend and d climbed right up after him.


April said...

yay for your man coming home!

what a beautiful pic, gen!

love your post....and i say shove it aside and create if the mood strikes. i, however, must have a blank canvas. cause thats how i roll ;)

have a good thursday!


Anonymous said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY for dren being home to make my girl happy!!!!!

your men are just too cute, i love jaxon's little contemplative look.

you know i hate you crazy a lot!!!!

have a happy weekend sweetie!

Ashley said...

god your munchkin looks JUST like you sweet GEN...

you deserve it.
did i teach you my trick to unmounted stamps?

blank canvas..
that sounds devine...
you know what sounds even MORE devine?