11 November 2005

off to the is-land today...

To see my sweeetieee!!! Yaaaay!

Jaxon is so happy too...these little excursions are actually quite fun.

I will get....
lots of family time
lots of computer time ;) with the FUN IM...
lots of scrapping time (hopefully)

I've come to LOVE rooting thru my stash and picking out my favourite stuff and trying to cram as much of it as possible into my thng on wheels :)

SO happy it's a holiday and the weekend!!!

PS..WHY can I not upload images???? Waaaah!


Kathy said...

Wooohooo can't wait to talk to you via the fun IM :)

I hope you have a great fabulous awesome visit!!!

Cindy (R.B.) said...

You should be there and enjoying yourself by now - gotta love those long weekends !

Jen said...

fun fun fun
and where was i when you were im-ing?? HuH???yeah, forgot bout me already. I see how you are.

Just kidding...hope you have a LOVELY time!!!1