08 November 2005

what's a blog again??

I did try to update this last week...I really did. I lost my internet connection just as I hit "publish post". It was a long entry. Argh. I decided perhaps the universe was trying to tell me something like "give up now". Anyway, after contemplating over the last week or two whether blogging is in fact for me, I have decided to give it another shot. We shall see.

Things are not easy in my life right now by any means. That said, I'm also really truly happy deep down into my core. I feel like a super lucky human being to have the life I have. So except for the days where it's an absolute necessity, I'm done with dwelling. I'll cry when I need to, get it out, and move on.

Gonna keep it short and sweet for now. Back to work.

Here's the latest...I'm so grateful to have this passion in my life.

***OK so blogger is NOT letting me upload my image :( So sad. Maybe later :)

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