19 June 2007

little miss sunshine

That's me today. Little Miss Sunshine. I think it's just amazing how the weather can affect my mood(ssss).

Lately, I have sucked at scrapbooking. I just feel that way. Whatever. It goes that way sometimes I guess. I dug up an old challenge from March @ 'ologie and pumped this one out in about 5 minutes last night. No text, no journalling, no title, not much of anything except the 5 items we were challenged to use. And a photo. Simple. Forcing myself to get back to my roots - back to basics...think about the design. And I actually like it. I've been having so much fun altering things and making minis and painting that I'm scared to scrapbook. Or when I do I for some reason feel like I need my scrapbooking and other stuff to "match". That doesn't work for me. That's no good. Green cardstock, a swirly something, a star, some tape, and one brad:

Then, fun times with Lu over at the studioWERX Streat Team blog. Boo-ya baby! I needed a kick in the ass last night to make something. Pulled out my journal, got messy w/ gesso and used some fave POD stampage. Again, just simple. Getting free and messy, but in a structured way...thinking about placement and colours. This journal is an old photo album with all the photos taken out but some of the corners left in place:

And, more on the 20x20. Threw another layer on last night. I really love to paint. Wouldn't it be cool to have a whole wall of your house all textured like this? That's a dream. Maybe not red...that might make me crazier than I already am.

Simple pleasures...the iced latte on my desk right now. Yum.


Missy said...

I don't believe you suck at the scrapbooking.
you are my hero ;)

Michelle said...

I think that I am going with Missy....don't believe it either! LOL. But I do think that it is very easy to get lost in this art. Thanks for your "gratitudes". I do a "My happy for today" and it is very grounding, especially on the days where there aren't many to choose from. Thanks for sharing. m

Vee said...

ditto, you are amazing!

Lu said...

can I just say, "Hell to the YEAH!!" I love your just being free.