28 June 2007

he's done!

As of today at 11:15am, Jaxon is officially graduated from kindergarten. What a little pumpkin. He's worked so hard and it's paying off. He's reading, writing, and has hugely improved fine motor skills. I was able to drop him off today for his last day (which meant we had such a nice, slow morning together) and his wonderful teacher handed me a huge folder filled with all sorts of his work from January on. Stories and pictures and his reading folder. A poetry book and bits and pieces of math (counting, measuring, sorting). Brought a grin to my cheeks and a giggle to my throat. And just a tiny tear to my eye. I'm very, very proud today.

For teachers everywhere who care about children and do their best to help them learn. You amaze me.


Missy said...

congratulations JAX!!!

caroline said...

yay :)
congrats, jaxon!

Cindy F said...

Wow, congrats to you and Jax!

Alison said...

(love the banner)

Mara said...

congrats jaxon!!
miss you.