26 June 2007


AWESOME weekend.
Here is a brief summary in poor-quality photos.
(I spent much more time actually enjoying the experience than capturing it)

cool shot that Colleen got on the way down

the suite. high ceilings, fireplace, hot tub, balcony...superb.

cheers-ing in the hot tub. opening the wine w/out a corkscrew is another story.

leaving the one, the only claim jumper, leftovers in tow. (i <3 claim jumper)

driving. look - it's us in that shadow! (i <3 highway driving)

leaving. drove back amidst some very strange weather.

Serious fun was had by all.
Played blackjack for the first time. Loved it (uh oh).
Laughed (a TON)
Slept (a little)
Room service breakfast (the best)
Shopped at Target (twice)
Ate (bad but good food)
Drove (a lot)

Yay for girlfriend getaways!

I'm grateful today for the lessons I am learning and re-learning as I teach them to my child. I didn't realize that having a child could be such a huge catalyst to living a better life and becoming a better person.


Candice P.J. said...
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Candice P.J. said...

I love the pics!!! What do you order at Claim Jumper? I always get their HUGE chicken caeser salad... it's big enough to swim in!

ps that "comment deleted" up there is me... I challenged the computer to a dual and the computer won... Sorry!

Tammy said...

Kids make us see ourselves differently I think. We are laid raw all the good and all the bad.
looks like you had an awesome time.

Candy said...

Hey, real is awesome!!
I am just a lurker but I maaaay be able to help with the child care:
You can find a Resource and Referral agency in your area and they should be able to at least give you a list of child care providers who are in your school district! :o)
Most of the agencies do not make recommendations, but it gives you a great place to start!