29 June 2007

damn girl

by JT is the bomb-diggity. Everything is the bomb-diggity these days. That's what Jaxon thinks, and that's what I think so it must be true. He's been incessantly watching Shark Tale. So that means he's talking like a Jamaican jellyfish, or sometimes like his father. This morning he told me that on a field trip with his class he said to a kid "yo mon, wha do you rude yout?" (ie: yo man, why'd you do that you rude youth?)(or something) I'm not exactly a speaker of Jamaican patwa, but hearing my 5 year old pick up phrases that I normally hear from my husband is both bizarre and hilarious all at the same time. And I seem to slowly be picking them up myself.

So I was going through old baby photos of J (the kind I used to get printed in hard copy at the photo finishing place) and scanned a bunch cause I want to start scrappin' 'em. Sweet dude. Now for some printage this weekend and we'll be in business. How is THIS one for a heart-breaker!? He must have been super fresh (like a month at the most) here and he only slept on us. Talk about serious bonding time. And how do you like the leopard-spotted fuzzy blanket? Don't be jealous.

Tonight I'm heading over to Christina's house for pizza and also to dig her out from piles and piles of product that need to be packed and shipped. Jaxon and Carmichael will come and chase the Lulu kitty and watch Bluray discs on T's playstation. They will be in heaven.

Happy Canada Day! If you're not from Canada, head on up. We have Monday off.

Today I'm grateful for Friday and long weekends. (duh).


Alison said...

oh man what a beautiful baby

ania said...

So sweet, so precious! :)

ania said...

Ps! Love your gratitudesnippets. Think I might steal that idea! =)

Anonymous said...

hey gen,
i caught a glimpse of you and your family (at least i think it was you) at the metrotown skytrain on canada day...and no, i am NOT a staulker, just a fan of your work...cool to kinda,sorta see the author of one of my daily blog reads...have a great day !

Anonymous said...

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