27 June 2007

wednesday shall be bitch day

I have been very upbeat and positive and while I think that's a great thing and positive thinking and critical thinking have helped me (a lot) I don't want to fool anyone into thinking that I am always happy-bubbly-go-lucky girl. Anyone who has read my blog more than for the past week would know that anyway. But still. While I'm on the "upswing" I would like to keep a realistic perspective. I get grumpy, I have PMS, I'm a total klutz and things piss me off. So while thinking about how irritated I was this morning and having funny witty things to say to Josh (my co-worker) about our wonderful clients, I realized that I can get it out and not have it be a total downer. It is not all good in the hood.

Bitch Wednesdays are born.

I am such a klutz that it really doesn't phase me much when I whack my (insert applicable body part here) on (insert applicable hard item here, usually a door frame, railing, cupboard door, desk, car steering wheel, etc.). I just say "ow" or "ouch" and move on. Today I have an unusually sore spot on the part of my hand that is hard (not the palm but the back do we call it?)...nearly where it meets the wrist. I examine it. There is no huge amount of swelling or a bruise really, but mousing makes it hurt and so does pressing on it (trying to figure out exactly what is going on there). I vaguely remember whacking it on something and rubbing it really hard. Yes, I'm sure that's what happened. I have bruises all over my legs. Usually not shin ones like Jaxon gets - mine are more desk level and bum level. Those would be bum bruises then, not leg ones. I realize that.

I have a headache today and I don't feel like taking anything for it. I'm such a pill-popper and today I'm seeing if lots of water will do the trick. What a matyr.

Some people are so dumb. Talking with customers on the phone who don't know their own project title (as in, filling out order forms, asking "project title? what's that?"). Listen mister...if you don't know what the project is called, you probably a) should not be allowed to do said project, or b) should not be in charge of filling out order forms for said project. If you are over 15 and can read, I should not have to help you fill out the order forms. Seriously.

My house is a friggin disaster and while I want it to be clean I have no desire (and I mean none) to clean it. Normally I'm a cleaner. If it's messy to the point of bugging me, I clean. I no longer bitch and nag and insist we split up the chores into some sort of regular routine. Let's face it - he needs a uniform to wear to work and my supply of clothes is practically endless (well, it won't run out before his will, anyway) so he gets stuck with the laundry and that's a pretty big chore. The rest just isn't worth fighting over. Maybe I'll clean today when I get home. But also maybe not.

I have no childcare for before and after school come September. I'm seriously stressing.

I would much rather be at home playing. I surfed a bit this morning and read blogs and totally procrastinated and wasted time. I should probably get back to work, but really all I want to do after receiving mountains of inspiration is go home. To my messy house. Put on my headphones and drown myself in a bucket of gesso and paper.

Gratitude ('cause even pissed off people can be grateful)
Today, I'm grateful that my seriously dirty hair looks really cute all piled on top of my head. At least, I think so.


Kim said...

You can be president and I will be the vice-president of this club... your life sounds like mine. Only it is usually bitch week versus just Wednesdays in my case. I too hate housework and my house remains a wreck even with only two adults residing there and no children. I can keep on top of washing laundry.... folding is a different story. Hope life looks better tomorrow for you!

Alison said...

I have a theory that Wednesday is the worst day of the week.
Partly because you don't expect it to be.
Glad your hair looks cute. :)

sarah said...

Bitch Wednesdays are a great idea...
everyone needs to get it out.

break out the gesso & paper tonight.
it's deserved.

Missy said...

must be the day..
I've been a grouch too.
I think I'm coming down with a cold...
and I am PRAYING for bedtime for little man.
love you, sweets :)

jill s said...

seriously. i love this post.

go you.


Rita Weiss said...

you make me smile really big. love this post. i have something in my shop that I"m going to send to you tomorrow....it's nothing big and fancy, but small and perfect. xo, Rita

alissa said...

i love that you dubbed wednesday!
i totally agree. we need a day to bitch and get it all out and why not wednesday? why not?

just think, though, friday is one day closer.

have fun with the gesso and paper!


Beeline said...

Man, am I ever in the same place! Don't get me started...let's just say I blew my stack at work today and it felt soooo gooood!
And - I bet my place is worse than yours...do you have dog hair tumbleweeds? =))) It's just been one of those days ... and your post echoed my sentiments exactly.

kokopuffs said...

I'm down for Bitch Wednesdays.

but what happens if you're/I'm bitchy any other day? are we still allowed?

but cute hair is always a good thing.

***tiffany said...

you rule.
and even the bitchy side of your blog makes me smile.
and cracks me up a little.
have a great weekend!!