13 June 2007

Seeking: One Still Life

Yeah, right. In my dreams maybe.

While it is the opinion of plenty (and often mine as well) that I am entirely too busy, I do thrive on busy as long as I don't let it overwhelm me. I'm realizing that stuff has been overwhelming me lately. But I am in control. So, time to make some changes. I'd like to try to write on my blog every day. It will be a check-in with myself. A "grounding" mechanism. The whole gratitude concept has been somewhere in my mind for years - ever since an ancient episode of Oprah, where she talked about keeping a gratitude journal. Each and every day I will be grateful. For something. Small or large...silly or serious. Just something. I'm sick to death of continually thinking about and writing about how busy I am. Stop making excuses and do something about it.

I want to keep my goals in mind...short terms and long term. Wants and needs. Prioritize. But keep striving and achieving. Because that's what makes me feel happy and fulfilled. Happy & fulfilled Gen = better woman, wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter...a better me. Self care. It's been lacking lately.

Wanted: A Bit of Routine
To get me on track.

Coming soon: A Ton of Stuff I've Been Making
Because I have been incredibly focused creatively lately. And for that I am grateful.


T Bag said...

I would love to see some of your latest creations - iN fact just thinking about it makes me...well...you know!

jenjock1 said...

I saw that SAME Oprah, and have also thought about it ever since.

Tami said...

your paper
ali edwards layout in creating keepsakes

makes me HAPPY TO SEE!!

stephanie said...

oh, how i've missed you!!

Tammy said...

Hello can you please get out of my head.LOL. I am at exactly the same place, trying hard to do everything and getting no time to take stock and look around me. A routine is a dream for me it just never happens. Maybe sometime soon I will be strong enough to continue on a path to routine.
Thanks for being real.