21 June 2007

soSOso excited

Leaving tomorrow night for a girls' weekend. EEEEK! (sometimes my caps lock key goes on all by itself...I think my 'puter has a ghost. for the eeeek! it seemed appropriate though. good job ghost!)

Me, Dee & Colleen. My co-op buddies. This is SO needed and we are all excited beyond belief. An executive suite at a casino resort. I don't gamble, but I'm gonna get my toes wet for the first time! (can you believe I went to Vegas and didn't gamble not even a nickel??) There is a jacuzzi spa in our room, two TVs, a dual-sided fireplace, two restaurants and a pub right in the building. We might not even leave the hotel! An all-out-super-duper-girly-fun-self-indulgent weekend. Just what the doctor ordered, I do believe!

Tonight I'm sharing my this week's dare, as well as a page for the challenges going on over at 'ologie. The dare this week is "love at first sight" and i twisted my page up a bit. I'll post the journalling (hidden behind the white cardstock behind the transparency in the top left corner.

Journalling: Tonight it was the East India Pale Ale from the Brooklyn Brewery in the cute packaging. A new beer and a new experiment. 5 years and 8 months ago it was baby Jaxon. Falling head over heels in love with him. Love and first sight indeed. You don't need to ask me twice. Nope.

For the Pick Me Up! challenge at 'ologie, I've been keeping it simple. Just trying to get back into the groove of scrapbooking without feeling like I'm just making a big mess (note above dare page...fits into said mess category).

Last night I watched Conversations with God. A self-help book (which it originally really was) in movie form. But fictional. So very interesting. At times a bit slow...but try to slow down with it. Take time to think about the messages. Apply them or discard them at your will, but it was nice to just slow down by myself for long enough to absorb the movie. Tonight, I'll be watching Griffin & Phoenix.

And working on the painting! I got all excited and got working yesterday without taking a photo :( but tonight I'll take one even though there's no light. I'm excited about tonight's step and to see if it fixes what I think I screwed up last night. Yeah, oops.

OK! I'm taking my laptop with me this weekend 'cause I want to stay in touch and I'm sure there will be some serious down-time in the hotel drinking & eating room service and chatting, so it will be fun to pop on. We are in the executive suite, keep in mind. I better do something executive-ish, like use a laptop.



Anonymous said...

Have a freaking awesome weekend girl. You deserve it. I wish I was coming with you...even the pub sounds good!!!

Anonymous said...

have a fabulous girly weekend, g!
love the new pages!
amazing work, my friend!


Vee said...

gorgeous lo's
have a fab weekend!