26 July 2005

more pickles + the dude + ...

The dude above was supposed to be the first installment of me & renee's trip state-side. He was a cool dude. He tried to tell me the restrooms at the border were closed, but that they would open them for me. Then he turned into a traffic-control guy when things got hectic. Cutie patootie. Oh ya - and we forgot to take any other pictures. We suck.

I am eating pickles again. And then I want chocolate. I think I need to see a nutritionist.

ONE MORE WORK DAY TIL HOLIDAYS!!!!! I am so burnt and I so need a break from that place. SO. Am I weird for starting my holidays on a Wednesday? It is kinda weird I guess. Go figure :D

I hope to get lots done after work tomorrow (lists, packing)...so much that I'm totally relaxed tomorrow night and can scrap some awesome photos I printed tonight but have no energy left for. Send worker-bee vibes for lists and packing please. Send them all day and then if I feel them while I'm still at work I'll have no choice but to make lists.

THEN I get to sleep in (ie: not wake up at 5 or 6, more like 7:30 or 8:00...I must be a mother) on Wednesday morning, see my mama, maybe my dad, and have a totally relaxing day (maybe scrapping vibes for this timeslot) and then leave at 2:30 for the airport. Zoom! The last time I was on a plane was like 4 years ago. I'm excited.


heidi said...

umm...you forgot to tell us what you guys bought! Also, i hope you have a super-fantabulous vacation. i will miss you around here though.

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Pickles are delicious.

Hope you have an amazing trip!!! Vacation is the best :)

Nicole said...

Hee hee! The only picture eh?!:)
Have a great trip Gen, you are sure going to be missed!

Jen said...

Pickles and chocolate....are you pregnant?? LOL.

Sending some worker bee vibes over, but I gotta keep some for myself!

Amber said...

i love me some pickles...yum yum.

that dude is funny looking, looks like those flags are attached to his damn head.

i'm going to miss you but hope you have a ball my little hippie mama....:o)

Kathy said...

You don't want to use the restrooms at the border anyways :O

Pickles and chocolate hey ;)

Renee said...

LOL! You totally made the dude's day! Had so much fun with you...can't wait till next time.

Anonymous said...

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