18 July 2005

Girlfriends on Friday BBQ on Saturday Baseball on Sunday and Boys the whole time.

Thank god. There's nothing like a good freekend weekend to cheer a girl up. This weekend cheered me up to no end. Friday I had a "meeting" with some other ladies in my co-op. It was officially known as the "party to plan the party" because we (the membership Comiittee) are planning a summer social for our building. We ran out of time at our last wine and cheese meeting, so we planned an even finer date for this past Friday night. Thank god for my girls. You can see us POSING (i'm on the right).

We had a BBQ with some neighbours (they live 2 doors down the walkway). It's great to be able to go home and grab a burger out of the freezer because J couldn't wait for steak...or go back again for ice cream as a bribery to please let mummy and daddy finish their dinners...we know it's 8:00...sorry baby...eat your ice cream. See him ciao down. Lil buddy.

Sunday...baseball at a park next to the beach. Fun fun fun. Another BBQ...some sports (I took pictures). I'm not entirely useless, but I felt like being useless that day. Lil buddy brought his own bat. Gotta love it.

Thanks for your kind words and virtual hugs - felt every single one.

Summer kicks ass!


Nicole said...

Hey girly!! So glad your weekend went great. You got some great pics out of it too!:)

Renee said...

I love these pictures! You're amazing!

Klala said...

i love the "Posers" pic...a total riot!