21 July 2005

1 hour 6 minutes til friday

i am doing so well with The List! I am not doing well at using my stash, although I must admit to one major accomplishment there. I managed to use 10 pieces of pink bazzill that I had for god knows what. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE pink, but I really seem to have a LOT of it considering I mostly scrap pretty bold and masculine pages. Anyway, used up 10 sheets, so that's good. I have crossed 3 of 5 things off The List. Why can't I accomplish more than one item a night? Please send me super powers now. So due to lack of depletion of stash, I must limit my purchases to "must have" items and "never seen that before and it's amazing and we probably won't ever get it in canada" type items. Oh and anything at Target. We don't have Target here. I love Target. I remember driving to Bellingham with my sister when I was like 13 and being really excited to get neon green Extra gum. We never go that in Canada. We don't have Mrs. Butterworth's syrup either, and D loves that syrup. I will have to remember to get some of that. I am totally rambling. I'm going to watch The First 48 and go to bed.

Smooches girly girls.


Klala said...

lol! get on that list...and what the hell did you use 10 sheets of pink bazzill for??

heidi said...

i hope you have a blast! be careful at target!