13 July 2005

she bangs!

I went today and got me some bangs. My fairly new, streaked, potentially rocker-esque (if i "do" it, insert roll eye here) 'do' was becoming boring. I always have it up, outta my way, and it's just become blah. Usually when I feel that way I go back and get it re-dyed a different colour, or cut right off or something extreme like that. But today I got bangs. I like my bangs. I'm happy I got them. Now I'm forced to wash my hair every single day, and maybe even DO it once in a while. If not, hey...it's fun to have the bangs. They'll make the frumpy pony tail or inspirational bun (more on this later) cuter.

Jaxon at the mall was fun. He had oodles of energy - I'm thinking that was the chocolate-dipped ice cream cone he had. At some points it was a bit nuts (oh the screaming..."that is your OUTSIDE voice!!" (oh ya - I guess I was screaming too). D definitely didn't have much patience for it today...JJ lost his watch-a-movie-when-you-get-home-from-daycare priviledges for tomorrow for not listening, and then got them reinstated by promising to "be a good boy" (his words) and "listen" (our words) all the way home. Ha. Dad's such a pushover.

Happy Hump day all. Two more work days left. Right ON!


susieq said...

Oh wow! You look gorgeous Gen!

Jodi said...

I like the bangs Gen! They look great!

Kathy said...

lol poor dren, does he know you are slaggin him on the net ;) How sweet lol.

You look smashing my dear! Very elegant in a mysterious casual way, love the bangs!

Robyn said...

love the new 'do' Gen...ok now you have my curiosity with the 'inspirational bun', you can't leave us hanging like that, LOL

heidi said...

sexy mama!!! love the bangs and streaks!