11 July 2005

i've gone and done it

Go figure. Taken the royal plunge into blogdom. On the day I have about 5 million,5 hundred thousand and 5 things to do. This was on The List though, so I still get to cross something off::woo hoo! But on the boo boo (!) side of things I may just be avoiding the rest of The List. Hmm. Today is Monday. It's an OK day, but it's Monday. Mondays I have a tendency to feel tired, blah...Mondayish. Grey grey day weather-wise. On the bright side I gave JJ airplane rides on my feet over and over again and we laughed our heads off. That always feels good.

And the next bright spot is that tomorrow is Tuesday. I really like the word Tuesday...and Tuesday is one day closer to Wednesday (aka HUMP day!!)and that means really the weekend is almost here. Almost.
Now I must tackle more of The List. Mwah!


Kathy said...

Woohoooo Gen WTG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you, you blog girl you :) Lets toast to Tuesday cause you are right, it is one step closer to the weekend!

Robyn said...

Yaaay Gen- so glad you've entered into blogdom! You're a natural for it :)

Nicole said...

Go Gen!!! What a cute boy you have! I just love his curls:)

heidi said...

hooray! I can see more of that super cute boy! Can't get enough!

Jodi said...

Could your child be any cuter? Welcome to blog world.