15 July 2005

mean people suck

i had a horrible day. it's turned out ok. i'm not mad or sad anymore, but just wiped. totally spent. emotionally drained. physically exhausted.

i wrote a long long journal entry earlier today and it's amazing how writing calms me and really helps me clear my head.

today i got sucked into the black hole of jerkyness that is a particular person and it hasn't happened in a long time. i felt upset...partly because of the situation, but mostly because succumbing to my own previous irrational, emotional, angry, negative ways. i got sucked in and played on his level. i spoke before i thought.

the lack of compassion, lack of understanding that some people have and show on a regular basis really astounds me. have they never held a mirror up to look at the damange they are causing to a fellow human being? Unbelievable. I suppose the answer must be no...or maybe yes, but they are so socially damaged or inept themselves that they don't see the problem...or don't care.

mean people suck.

i vow to work on giving people the benefit of the doubt, treat them with kindness and gentleness. including the one person who's behaviour today brought on the adrenaline, the emotional reaction and the above-noted horrible day. i will be the bigger person. i will try my best to remember to ::breathe::


Nicole said...

i use to feel the same way when i worked in customer service. glad you could step away and just breathe, and yes, writing it all down does make everything better:) love ya girl!

Kathy said...

HUGS to you Gen and lots of loving vibes and good energy thinking!

Amber said...

what the eff happened girly?
mean people do suck....big time. I'm sorry someone was a turd to you, you know you are a supa fly chick. don't let negativity get you down. hug-a-roos.

heidi said...

love ya lady. sorry that you were hurting.

Klala said...

...but nice people swallow. lol! I love that. No, but seriously, keep on writing in that journal. This too shall pass.