19 July 2005


It's 10:30pm. I'm on the computer. I have a lot to do. Today. And tomorrow. And the next day. We leave for Toronto one week from tomorrow. I have some plans this week and I have to try to do something about my time-managements skills. Ha. Well, I'll try. By the time I go to the States on Sunday with Renee, I want to be caught up on all my projects. That way I can have some stress-free fun and have depleted my stash sufficiently enough to justify purchases at whatever heaven of a scrapbook store she's taking me to. I have just announced a goal. Hmmm. That gives me Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I think I can do it. I'm gonna try.

Have an EFFIN fabulous hump day tomorrow yall.
(I'm not in the EFF club but the above EFF is in support of the EFFERS who mighta felt a bit slammed on today with the high drama).

:D Cheers!


Nicole said...

Four days to use up your stash?! That is some goal:) Can't wait to see some lo's!

Renee said...

You blog! YAY! I am totally looking forward to Sunday too! It will be so much fun! Can't wait! :)

Klala said...

Thanks girl! You effin rock!!

Amber said...

so glad i am not the only one w/ time management skill issues at this point and time.

i love you...thanks for the shout out my lovie....xoxoxo