16 January 2008

she's a tired girl.

Or feeling old. or both.
A panic attack in the middle of the night (wtf???) and 3 crazy vivid dreams and one restless sleep later......I didn't venture out of bed until 9:30, had to pick Jaxon up sick from school at 12:30, tried to fit in a shower and some work and had a meeting tonight.
A much as I'm dying for some creative time, I think I'm just headed to bed with Sudoku on Dren's PSP.

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Anonymous said...

Do you take Xanax? I'm not suggesting that medication is the way to get rid of panic attacks, as there are more alternative and natural methods. I've told you about magnesium before. But at least with a Xanax, like .5mg (and they are cheap once you have the prescription) for me when one occurs (often in the middle of the night)I can take a pill and not suffer and get back to sleep and lead a more or less normal life. It was after a severe panic attack lasting 17 hours of agony that I had to do something. I now am learning to play the recorder (it helps stop the shallow breathing which is partly responsible), but it is all stress related. I have a book I can mail you (as my boyfriend and I both suffer anxiety/panic and we bought the same workbook by mistake). Send me your address and I will get it off to you in the mail. It really has helped us and I know how horrid it can be, which no one can understand if they have not suffered this.