06 January 2008

today is the soapiest day ever.

We have all been totally consumed by the newest member of our family (who I currently have no photos of because of her keeping us so busy but also because it's winter and there's no light and the photos I took with a flash are icky). We've been talking about getting a dog for some time. It's mostly been Dren talking and me either tuning him out or saying "no." Once I gave in, he was online 24/7 trying to find us a dog. And as of New Years Day, we have a 9 week old lab cross. Her name is Momo and she's awesome. Photos soon!

I'm loving my own new office space. Burning all these yummy essential oils I found while cleaning and sorting, putting bits and pieces up and reorganizing...actually playing in my little spot.

I'm trying to restore some of that creative mojo that seems to have completely disappeared of late. Just rolling with it and doing different stuff. I'm reading a really cool little book a friend gave me for Christmas called Craft Inc. It's cute and chock-full of information and inspiration. Colleen and I went for brunch today and strolled down the Drive. Haven't done anything girlfriendy lately and it was really nice. We went into the new Barefoot Contessa...to die for! I love window shopping.

Just finished up a bunch of work in order to have an easier more relaxed Monday morning. Feeling really in shape. For work...not in general :) Walking the dog is going to be awesome for getting more exercise. It will be especially great when she actually wants to go out...it's too damn cold right now!

For one of the recent Dares I put together a gazillion tiny little thumbnails together in a little ring-bound album, all from 2007. I started with Jaxon's 2006/2007 school photo, and ended it with this year's. Gotta get all caught up with the Dares and some other projects!

About time for a long winter's nap, methinks.



Michelle said...

...love the little album! =)Hope you had fabulous holidays!!

Anonymous said...

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