08 January 2008


Project runway is back FI-NAH-LY!!!
And it's about as Devil Wears Prada-ish as could possibly be.

Totally productive, happy day. Figuring out possible solution to debt (wow). 40 minute walk with Momo (so good for me and it felt so good and the little munchkincrazygirl was so good and so cute). Made jewellry for the first time in SO long! Two necklaces. Funky and cute. Just have to add clasps and then they'll be good to go!

I also took a break in the afternoon around 3 and worked on a collage piece thing that's been going for a little while. I'm feeling a tad more pressure to pay it some attention because Momo seems to like to come in and chew on it. Hmmm.

And thanks to Project Runway, I did a fashion sketch too!

Soapiest Day Ever.: when you take the bar of soap and mix it with the bubbles in the bubble bath and go crazy with the best biggest amount of soapiest soap EVER. {excerpt from The World According to Jaxon}

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Tam said...

Hey Gen,

Love this post, the soapiest soap day is a great story...

Have you always made jewelry? This totally something I am just playing with, would love any tips.

Loved your mini , it's amazing. Miss your daily gratitude posts too! Inspired me to make a daily gratitude journal.

Take care!