17 January 2008

thrift store boo-yah!!!

Poor Jax dude has been sick aaaalll week. These headaches keep coming and going...it's the same thing Carmichael had over Friday Saturday Sunday last week. He will go in to school, and call at noon for me to pick him up. Poor little buddy just crashes after expending every last little bit of energy. I kept him home today - he woke up in the middle of the night with a headache, crying. My heart just melts for him when he's sick. Party I feel sorry that he's in pain/discomfort, partly I want to make him feel better, and partly I love that he's kind of needy when he's sick. He's six...he's got boy stuff and friend stuff and lots of stuff to do without mama and so I kind of cherish being able to be close to him when he's sick. He had a great morning, and my friend Selma and I had a date to go to the thrift store today. So he came. It was super fun...he's a bit of a shopper and he wanted to look for cool t-shirts and hoodies. As we were leaving, S spotted brand-spankin new Dior shades in the glass jewellry/camera/sunglass/$5+goods case that also holds the cash register. Serious. And honestly, I usually don't really give a shit about brand names and stuff, but when I put them on and my eyelashes didn't hit the lenses, I was a happy girl. Sometimes you get what you pay for, and if you get really sick Dior glasses that should run you about $200 for $25, it's a good thrift store shoppin day. Then we went to a sushi place. J developed a headache but I thought a good part of it was due to hunger. He eagerly gobbled up a Cali roll (hold the avocado - WHAT!?? is that even my child!??) and had some miso soup and mango ice cream. Perfect sick day, if you ask me. And him.


Ruth! - I can't seem to get contact info for you from the comments - can you please email me!?

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Anonymous said...

Hello Genevieve
I don't know why your and my email links don't work...
i have a blog: http://www.ruthpannell.typepad.com that you should be able to leave messages on.
But here is my email address: ruthpannell@sbcglobal.net then you can give me your address for this book.
My father died yesterday morning... total shock, heart attack on his bicycle in England (where I am from originally but now live in Arizona). I am grieving like crazy... can't think straight.
I hope we can get contact so I can send you the book. Love Ruth