24 January 2008

omg it's late

just finished a layout job. PHEW. increasing margins and flipping to a new smaller template for a 16 page DVD booklet layout = NOT FUN.

now it's late. need to get some sleep in order to wake up and get more work done.

i am in re-love with PARKER POSEY. hi. she is like, the cutest 30+ish-year-old. Queen of Indie. Need to filmography her immediately and watch everything she's done since the 90s. absolutely adored broken english.

going to Cali in a couple weeks! gonna see K! so 'cited! much to do and figure out. ha! it wouldn't be me if it wasn't in chaos.

paid so many bills this week. billsbillsbills. ick.

dinner with awesome company tonight @ hapa izakaya. too much food and just enough sake and sapporo. so much laughter my cheeks hurt.

that is all...

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